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Outdoor Play

Often, daycare workers experience difficulties during outdoor play. Many of us don't really know what to do. We group together with other daycare workers, talk, and manage conflicts between children. We asked ourselves the following question: how could we make our lives easier and make outdoor play more enjoyable for everyone?


Here are a few suggestions:

  • It is important to plan outdoor activities the same way you plan indoor ones. Have a list of possible activities and select a different one each time.
  • Prepare a chart which displays various outdoor areas near the door. Organized areas are important outside. Each daycare worker can jot down the activity she chose for the day and list the material she plans on taking outside. Each daycare worker can be responsible for a specific area. Divide the chart according to the areas you have (motor skills, calm corner, sandbox area, etc.).
  • Divide the playground into sections and have one daycare worker responsible for each one. Rotate regularly. This will avoid unconsciously gathering in the same area and ensure that you don't miss anything.

You can also prepare a variety of bins ideal for outdoor play.


Here are examples:

  1. Clothesline, clothespins, clothing
  2. Sponges for a sponge fight
  3. Animal, insect, or dinosaur figurines
  4. Small kitchen with plastic food and a tablecloth
  5. Workbench with tools and paintbrushes to "paint" the fence
  6. Watercolours with large sheets of paper
  7. Chalk
  8. Sheets to create shelters
  9. Parachute (see our online store)
  10. Container filled with dirt and gardening tools
  11. Nets, magnifying glasses, containers for insects
  12. Storybooks for reading in the sun
  13. Tent and camping gear
  14. Bubble solution
  15. Empty juice bottles and a ball for bowling
  16. Jumping ropes
  17. Makeup
  18. Radio and music for dancing
  19. Material for "Olympic" events (potato sack races, etc.)
  20. Large construction or building blocks
  21. Manipulation containers (rice, macaroni, flour, couscous, etc.)
  22. Water games (cups, spoons, sponges, etc.)

The use of these bins must be limited to outdoors to avoid children losing interest.




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