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Pyramid (rolling a ball)

Here is a low-cost game which is very easy to make with little ones.


Required material:

  • Several empty metal cans (from canned foods)
  • Felt or cardboard
  • Glue
  • Large balls for younger babies or small balls for older babies

Cut strips of felt or cardboard. Let little ones decorate them (collage, paint, or drawing).

Glue the felt or cardboard on the metal cans. Arrange them to form a pyramid. Let babies or toddlers explore the pyramid with their hands or with the balls.

Older babies will stand up to throw their ball. Younger babies can sit on the floor. It will be easier for them to roll the ball. They can also simply stack the cans and make them fall down using their hands!


Have fun with older children by offering several variations such as throwing backwards, pushing the ball with their foot, etc.


I enjoy this activity which can easily be adapted to any age group.



Chantal Milette

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