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Musical cards (manipulating an object which produces a sound)

Knowing that a baby is capable of hearing certain sounds while in his mother's womb, we can state that hearing is an important part of a baby's life from birth. We mustn't forget that a baby explores and discovers the world which surrounds him through his senses (sensorimotor stage).


There are so many ways to have fun with sounds. Soft, gentle sounds, and sounds which a baby knows well or not at all set the stage for a baby to explore his voice and so much more.


Beware, too many constant sounds or background sounds, such as a radio, can be an obstacle for sound exploration. I suggest providing moments of silence for babies. This will make attracting their auditory attention to surrounding sounds easier. They will also enjoy listening to themselves babble or simply be better prepared for sound activities which follow!


Always provide a moment of silence before beginning any sound activity to help babies concentrate on the game you are about to present. Their auditory sense will be better prepared to appreciate the upcoming activity.


Material required:

  • Musical greeting cards
  • Contact paper

Collect several musical greeting cards or purchase a few at the Dollar store. Use the contact paper to laminate them.


Deposit the cards in a small basket and let babies explore them. Watch babies closely as they open the cards to discover a melody. They will love opening and closing the cards to see what happens. Even very young babies appreciate this activity.



Chantal Milette


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