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Babies and creativity - Part VIII


A gift for you

Making a gift for mothers, fathers, or any other person is not always easy with babies. Here are a few ideas which will make anyone smile!


A placemat

Babies draw or create on a piece of thin cardboard. You can add a picture and there you have it, a wonderful gift!



Have babies paint terracotta flowerpots. Plant a small plant in it. Pure happiness!


Flower collage

Let babies glue wild flowers they may have collected on their own on a nice card. Use Mac-Tac if they are too young to manipulate glue.


One year, I had babies draw on a square piece of felt. I glued the felt on a piece of cardboard and added a small calendar beneath it.


Glue a nice drawing or a picture of a baby on heavy cardboard. Add a small notepad (not too thick). Add a piece of string to the back so it can be hung on the wall. This is a great gift for parents.


Frame and picture
Dollar store frames are perfect for framing babies' crafts or drawings. What a nice way to display their artwork! This is also a great way to bring daycare hallways to life.


Frame with picture and hand prints
Photograph each baby. Glue the picture in the center of a piece of paper. On either side of the picture, add the baby's hand prints using different colors of paint. Place in a frame. This looks great!


Souvenir DVD
If possible, film babies in action for brief periods throughout the year. At the end of the year, give each parent a DVD. They will be pleasantly surprised!


Surprise chest
Purchase small wooden chests at the Dollar store. Let babies paint or decorate them. Add candy, chocolate, or a picture of the child inside.


Surprise in the mail
One year, I had babies draw on a piece of paper. I asked parents to provide the address of a person they care about. I took a walk with my group and we mailed their drawings. An unexpected surprise for the person who receives the drawing!


Gift for a baby's brother or sister's birthday 1
If you work in a large daycare and the older brother or sister is part of another group, have the baby make a card for his brother or sister. Invite the older brother or sister to join your group. Prepare a small gift you can give the brother or sister on behalf of the baby.


Gift for a baby's brother or sister's birthday 2
Cut out a strip of cardboard. Have the baby decorate it. Simply attach the two ends to make a hat (headband). This is a great party hat for the older brother or sister, from his younger sibling.


A refrigerator magnet
Have babies make hand prints on cardboard. Laminate and stick a magnet to the back.


Chantal Milette

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