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Christmas-A celebration

Treat your group to an original Christmas party this year. They will love our Christmas booth ideas and so will you!

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In this theme, you will find everything you need to plan a memorable Christmas celebration for your group. (Open perpetual calendar-Christmas-A celebration)


(Open invitation cards-Christmas-A celebration)
Print. Give each child an invitation. Organize several different activities throughout the day.



(Open booths-Christmas-A celebration) Print, laminate, and display. On the day of the party, greet children and explain the different booths to them. You may choose which booths you wish to offer among those listed here.


(Open passport-Christmas-A celebration) Print. Give each child a copy. Be sure to write each child's name on his passport. Children go from one booth to another. Once they have completed a booth's activity/game, they may stamp their passport.


Song-Christmas-A celebration
Sung to: Are you sleeping

(Open songs & rhymes-Celebration)


Celebration, celebration
Finally, finally
It's our Christmas party, it's our Christmas party
Together, togetherPerpetual-calendar-Christmas-A-celebration
We will celebrate, we will celebrate
With our friends, with our friends
At the end our passport, at the end our passport
Will be full, will be full


Ornament toss booth
Wrap three boxes (different sizes) with wrapping paper, leaving the top open. Provide children with unbreakable ornaments and encourage them to toss them into the gifts.


Christmas painting booth
(Open models-ornaments) Print. Give each child who visits the booth an ornament to paint as quickly as possible. The entire ornament must be covered with paint. Time each child using a stopwatch. The child who paints his ornament the fastest will be declared the winner!


Christmas necklace booth
Provide several different types of red, white, and green necklace beads. Let children thread them onto string or yarn to make necklaces.


Christmas tree decorating booth
Set two miniature Christmas trees on a table. Fill two boxes with similar decorations (same quantity). Ask two children to each decorate a tree as quickly as possible. The first child to finish hanging all his decorations wins!


Pin the nose on Rudolph booth
(Open game-Red-nosed reindeer) Print and display on a wall at children's level. Blindfold children one at a time. Children must attempt to stick Rudolph's nose as close to the right spot as possible.


Baste the turkey boothBooths-Christmas-A-celebration
(Open turkey) Print and laminate. Determine a start and finish line. At one end, deposit two turkey basters and two containers, one filled with green water and another one filled with red water. At the other end, deposit two other containers. Glue a turkey on each one. A ribbon should also be glued on each container to identify the goal (water level). Participants must fill their turkey baster with water from their team's container and empty it into their second container until they reach the predetermined water level.


Catch my ribbon booth
Two players run inside a delimited area wearing a piece of Christmas ribbon they previously inserted in the back of their pants. Each player must attempt to grab the other player's ribbon before time runs out.


Don't wake up Santa booth
Divide players into two teams and have children sit or stand in a row. Give the first player of each team a bell. The object of the game is to pass the bell all the way down their team and back (to and fro) without ringing the bell. The first team to complete the task wins.


Christmas treat boothPassport-Christmas-A-celebration
Deposit 25 to 30 Christmas Smarties in a container filled with icing sugar. Children must search for the hidden candy pieces.


Ornament relay booth
You will need two ping-pong balls which you previously painted red and green. Divide players into two teams. On a table, determine a start and finish line. Children take turns moving their team's ball from one point to the other simply by blowing on it through a drinking straw. The first team to succeed wins.


Christmas photo booth
On large white pieces of cardboard, paint Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, or another seasonal decor. Cut out a circle so children can stand behind the decor, with only their face showing. Take a picture of each child.


O Christmas tree boothModels-Ornaments
Fill a container with Christmas garlands and a few Christmas hats (Santa Claus, reindeer antlers, etc.) Children take turns decorating a partner to make him look like a Christmas tree. Don't forget to take plenty of pictures!


Red nose makeup booth
Provide nontoxic makeup and unbreakable mirrors. Children will enjoy painting their nose red like Rudolph!


Christmas scavenger hunt booth
Make a list of Christmas items children must search for during a scavenger hunt. Review the list with your group before you begin your scavenger hunt. Divide children into groups. The group which collects the most items wins.


Christmas obstacle course relay booth
Divide your group into two teams. Children take turns crawling under chairs or Christmas garlands, jumping over exercise balls representing ornaments, running around a Christmas tree, etc. The first team to complete the obstacle course wins.


Christmas clothespin boothTurkey
Hang a long Christmas garland between two chairs. Divide your group into two teams. Give each team a container filled with clothespins. Play music. Children work together to add the clothespins to the garland. When the song ends, count how many clothespins each team successfully added to the garland. The team with the most clothespins wins. Be sure to clearly identify each team's clothespins with a different color prior to this activity (for example, green for one team, red for the other).


Fragile ornament booth
Fill a basket with green, red, and white water balloons. Divide players into two teams. Identify a start and finish line. Deposit an empty basket on the finish line for each team. Play music. Children squeeze water balloons between their knees. They must transport as many ornaments (balloons) across the finish line as possible before the song ends.


Ornament race booth
Give each child a small spoon and an unbreakable Christmas ornament. Children must walk as quickly as possible towards the finish line, while carrying the ornament in their spoon. If a child's ornament falls, he must return to the starting point and start all over again!


Merry Christmas!





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