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From rabbit gymnastics to rabbit snack ideas, this theme will develop children's social skills with its musical, culinary, and physical activities.

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(Open thematic poster-Rabbits) Print, laminate, and decorate the walls of your daycare with all kinds of posters.


(Open educa-decorate-Rabbits) Print, cut out, and laminate. Use the illustrations to decorate your daycare for the duration of the theme.


(Open garland-Rabbits) Print. Let children decorate the different items. Cut them out and hang them within the daycare or near your daycare entrance.


Other garland-Rabbits

(Open models-Rabbits) Print and let children decorate the rabbits with glitter, crayons, pieces of paper, etc. Cut out the rabbits and hang them to form a garland within the daycare or near your daycare entrance.



The following tool was created in response to a special request received. (Open personalized rabbits)



Bunny tracks
(Open bunny tracks) Print and cut out. Deposit the tracks on the floor. Sprinkle baby powder around the contour of each track. Remove the paper paws to reveal bunny tracks. Make several tracks and let children discover them when they arrive in the morning. What an interesting way to introduce your theme!


Discussion periodEduca-decorate-Rabbits
Ask children the following questions to get them talking:

  • Have you ever held a rabbit?
  • Have you ever seen a rabbit?
  • Do you know another animal which looks a lot like a rabbit?
  • What color are rabbits?
  • Do rabbits have small or big ears?
  • How do rabbits move?
  • Do rabbits have fur or feathers?
  • Can a rabbit lay an egg?

Wear bunny ears to greet children in the morning. Plan an outing to your local pet shop. You will most likely see rabbits for sale.


PICTURE GAMEGarland-Rabbits

(Open picture game-Rabbits) Use the pictures as a memory game or to spark a conversation with your group. Use them to decorate your daycare or a specific thematic corner. Print, laminate, and store the pictures in a Ziploc bag or in your thematic bins.



Activity sheets are suggested for each theme. Print and follow instructions. (Open activity sheets-Rabbits)


(Open writing activities-R like rabbit) Print for each child or laminate for use with a dry-erase marker.


(Open stationery-Rabbits) Print. The stationery may be used to communicate with parents, in your writing corner, or to identify your thematic bins.



(Open educa-nuudles-Rabbits) Print for each child. Encourage children to color the page and use Magic Nuudles to give it a three dimensional look. Variation: You don't have Magic Nuudles? Have children fill the spaces designed for Magic Nuudles with bingo markers or stickers.



Word flashcards
The flashcards may be used during circle time to spark a conversation with the group or in your reading and writing area. They may also be used to identify your thematic bins. (Open word flashcards-Rabbits) (Open giant word flashcards-Rabbits) Print. burrow, kits, tail, ear, hare, cage, carrot, salad, white, brown, wood shavings, to munch



This is my spot-Rabbits
(Open game-This is my spot-Rabbits) Print two copies of each card. Glue one copy of each card on the table using adhesive paper. Deposit the other copy in a bag. Children take turns picking a card which will determine their spot at the table for the day. You may also use the cards for naptime spots or spots in the task train.


My rabbit pathPersonalized-rabbits.jpg
(Open my rabbit path) Print, laminate, and stick the illustrations on the floor to create a path leading to the areas children visit most throughout the day such as the bathroom, the cloakroom, etc. If you prefer, use the illustrations to define various workshop areas.



Soft like a rabbit
Collect several stuffed animals which represent different farm animals. Let children manipulate them. Make sure they notice how soft they are.


Rabbit mobile
(Open models-Rabbits) Print, cut out, and decorate the rabbits with glitter, lace, ribbon, cotton balls, confetti, etc. Glue the rabbits back to back on either side of a piece of ribbon or string. Hang from the ceiling.

Soft rabbitBunny tracks
Give each child a sheet of paper with a printed rabbit shape on it. Have them fill the shape with cotton balls. Variation: Draw a rabbit shape on a piece of cardboard or adhesive paper. Have children fill the shape with cotton balls.



Rabbit lacing
(Open lacing-Rabbits) Print, laminate, and punch holes around the contour of the shapes. Children can use a string, a shoelace, or ribbon to lace the shapes.


Rabbit tail game
(Open game-The rabbit's tail) Print and display the rabbit on the wall, at children's level. Glue a cotton ball to each tail. Children must try to glue their tail as close to the correct spot as possible while blindfolded. Variation: Draw a rabbit holding an empty Easter basket. With their eyes closed, children must try to stick an egg inside the rabbit's basket.


Colourful rabbitsPicture-game-Rabbits
Divide your group into two teams and have each team stand on a line at opposite ends of the daycare. Assign the same color to one rabbit from each team (two yellow rabbits, two blue rabbits, etc.). Deposit a carrot in the centre of the daycare. When you name a color (yellow rabbits for example), both children who were assigned this color must run and try to grab the carrot. The child who succeeds earns a point for his/her team.


Rabbit race
Stand in a circle. All children hold hands, except for one child who will be the rabbit. The rabbit stands outside of the circle, holding a basket. The rabbit hops around the circle and deposits the basket behind a child. As soon as the basket is deposited, the rabbit runs around the circle. The child who finds the basket behind him/her must run after the rabbit and try to touch him/her before the child reaches the spot where he was initially standing. The game continues.


Rabbit marathonActivity-sheets-Rabbits
Deposit several carrots in a row on a table. At the other end of the daycare, children pull a pillowcase over their legs and hop to the table to collect a carrot. Once they have their carrot, they must hop back to the starting point.


Where are the rabbits?
(Open tiny bunny) Print and laminate. Hide tiny rabbit shapes throughout the daycare, placing them so that only the tips of the ears are showing. When you give them the signal, children search for the rabbits. There is no winner for this activity. The goal is simply to have fun. At the end of the activity, you may give each child one rabbit. They will be happy to bring their rabbit home at the end of the day.


Peter Rabbit game
(Open tiny bunny) Print and laminate. Sit in a circle with your group and show them Peter Rabbit. Have children close their eyes while you hide the rabbit. When you give them the signal, children search for Peter Rabbit. When a child finds the rabbit, reward him/her with an Easter sticker. Invite children to sit back down and have the child who found the rabbit hide it for the next round.


OUTDOOR ACTIVITIESWriting activities R like rabbit

Rabbit ears
(Open rabbit actions) (Open bunny ears) Print and cut out the ears and the action cards. Have each child wear a construction paper headband and attach the bunny ears to it. Children stand at one end of the yard. Stand at the opposite end of the yard, holding the action cards. When you show children the picture of the sleeping rabbit, they must lie down and pretend they are sleeping. When you show the picture of the hopping rabbit, children must hop once in your direction. Finally, when you show the picture of the eating rabbit, children pretend they are munching on a carrot.


Bunny hops
(Open bunny hops) Trace, cut out and secure the Easter shapes on the ground. Children must hop on the shapes to go from one activity to another.


Easter Bunny, may I?Stationery-Rabbits
You are the Easter Bunny. Give children instructions (hop two times, wiggle your nose, etc.). Before executing your instructions, children must ask you, "Easter Bunny, may I?" You can respond, "Easter Bunny says yes." If you do not want them to execute your instruction, simply say, "Easter Bunny says no."


Easter Bunny says
The leader of the game gives children instructions using "Easter Bunny says..." instead of " Simon says...". Examples of actions: hop like a rabbit, munch on a carrot, wiggle your bunny tail, etc.



The rabbit's burrow
Deposit hula hoops on the floor to represent burrows. The rabbits (children) walk around the burrows to the sound of music. When the music stops, each rabbit must hop inside a burrow (hula hoop). Remove a burrow after each round. The rabbit which does not have a burrow is eliminated.


Rabbit gymnasticsEduca-nuudles-Rabbits
Rabbits must train for the great Easter egg hunt. You are the chief rabbit. Direct an exercise session to guarantee that all rabbits will be ready for the big day...and sleep very well during naptime too! Children will love exercising with you to the sound of music.



(Open Sudoku-Rabbits) Print the playing card and illustrations. Laminate and cut out the cards for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must place the cards on the grid according to traditional sudoku rules: there mustn't be two identical illustrations in a row (horizontally or vertically).


(Open educ-trace-Rabbits) Print for each child. Children must trace the lines with the correct color and then color the object at the end of the line using the same color.


Educ-same and different-RabbitsWord-flashcards-Rabbits
(Open educ-same and different-Rabbits) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must circle the illustration which is different in each row.


(Open educ-association-Rabbits) Print the pages and follow the instructions to assemble the activity in a file folder. Children must associate the cards. Once they have found the correct associations, they must place the card in the corresponding square.


(Open educ-differences-Rabbits) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must identify the differences between the two illustrations and circle them using a dry-erase marker.


Hunt and seek-Rabbits
(Open hunt and seek-Rabbits) Print and laminate. Children must pick a card and search for the item in the scene.


MORAL AND SOCIAL ACTIVIITIESGame-This-is-my-spot-Rabbits

Dress-up doll-Rabbits
(Open dress-up dolls-Rabbits) Print and laminate. Leave the various pieces out for children to manipulate. They will enjoy dressing the doll different ways.


Rabbit costume
(Open bunny costume) Print and cut out. Have children color the rabbit's bow and wear it around their neck by attaching string to it. For the rabbit's tail, paint a paper plate. Once the paint is dry, glue cotton balls in the centre. Tie a piece of string on either side so you can tie it around their waist. For the rabbit ears, make construction paper headbands. Glue cotton balls on the entire surface of the headband. Color, cut out, and staple the rabbit ears to the headband. Children can wear their rabbit costumes to hop around the daycare to the sound of music.



Rabbit snack
Have children pretend they are rabbits. You can paint their noses pink and draw moustaches on their face, just for fun. Have a discussion about what rabbits like to eat. Serve carrots, radishes, lettuce, etc. Jot down their comments and compile the results. Which food items did your rabbits enjoy most?


The carrot tailMy-rabbit-path
Cut the top off a carrot and deposit it in a saucer. Surround the carrot with pebbles to hold it in place. Make sure there is always a small quantity of water in the saucer. In one week, the green carrot tail will begin to grow...


Whipped cream rabbit
Add a few drops of food coloring to whipped cream and use the mixture to paint a large rabbit shape on waxed paper.



Rabbit salad
Provide several ingredients (grated carrots, different kinds of lettuce, cut radishes, celery pieces, diced tomatoes) which may be used to prepare a salad. Let children choose among the ingredients and prepare their own individual "rabbit salad".


Small rabbit cakesLacing-Rabbits
Prepare vanilla cupcakes with your group. Once they are ready and cool, frost the cakes with vanilla icing and sprinkle them with coconut to represent rabbit fur. Add red food coloring to a small quantity of icing to make a rabbit nose. Use liquorice to make rabbit moustaches and oval-shaped cookies to make rabbit ears. Add Smarties for the eyes. Eat your rabbit cakes at snack time.


Marshmallow rabbits
Children use marshmallows and toothpicks to create cute rabbits.


ARTS & CRAFTSGame-the rabbits tail

(Open puppets-Rabbits) Print the various puppet models on cardboard. Have children cut them out and decorate them with a variety of arts & crafts materials. Glue Popsicle sticks behind the models to create puppets.


(Open stencils-Rabbits) Print and cut out the various stencils. Children can use them to trace and paint a variety of items related to the theme.


Rabbit puppet
Draw a rabbit face on a paper plate. Add rabbit ears and glue a Popsicle stick at the base of the plate so children can hold it in front of their face. Variation: Use a brown paper lunch bag to create a rabbit. Draw a rabbit face on the front of the bag. Add ears and moustaches made out of pipe cleaners. You can even add paws on either side of the bag.


My miniature rabbitCraft - big bunny
(Open model-Bunny) Print, cut out, and color the models. Transform empty toilet paper rolls to make them look like rabbits by gluing the various pieces on them. Hang the miniature rabbits from the ceiling.


Rabbit face
(Open craft-bunny face) Print for each child. Have children paint a paper plate. Encourage them to cut out eyes, a nose, a mouth, and rabbit ears and glue them on the plate. Decorate the ears with cotton balls. Sprinkle with glitter.


Large wiggly rabbit
(Open craft-Big bunny) Print for each child. Assemble the rabbit pieces with fasteners.


Rabbit foot
Make a rabbit using your footprint as a starting point. On a piece of construction paper, trace the contour of your foot. Cut two long ears out of pink construction paper. Glue the ears on the heel. Glue a pompom on the toes (to represent the nose) and decorate the rabbit using markers, paint, etc. Add whiskers made out of pipe cleaners and finally, glue wiggle eyes on your rabbit's face.


Rabbit handCreative-coloring-Rabbits
Trace the contour of your hand on a piece of pink construction paper and cut out the shape. Remove the thumb, middle finger, and ring finger. Draw a face to complete your rabbit.


Give each child two paper plates, a small one which will represent the rabbit's head and a larger plate which will represent the rabbit's body. Draw eyes, a nose, a mouth, and whiskers on the small plate. Glue two rabbit ears to the top of the plate. Glue the head on the body. Cut out four small paws. Glue two paws under the head. Glue the two remaining paws to the bottom of the rabbit body. Glue a cotton ball behind the rabbit to represent its tail.


Little bunnyColoring-pages-theme-Rabbits
Place a Styrofoam glass upside down. On the front of the glass, draw a rabbit face and add whiskers made out of pipe cleaners. Glue ears to the top of the glass.



(Open creative coloring-Rabbits) Print for each child. Invite children to complete the picture.


(Open coloring pages theme-Rabbits) Print for each child.



Mr. Rabbit

by: Patricia Morrison

Mr. Rabbit hops, hops, hops
And his ears flop, flop, flop
He wiggles his tail
He wiggles his nose
Then once again he hops, hops, hops
And his ears flop, flop, flop

Have fun!

The Educatall team



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