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The Heart Kingdom

With this theme's decoration ideas, culinary activities, crafts, and adorable rhyme, your daycare will seem like a heart kingdom in time for Valentine's Day!

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Heart Kingdom fun with heart-filled banners, activity sheets, crafts, coloring pages, and so much more!

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(Open thematic poster-Valentine's Day-The Heart Kingdom) Print, laminate, and decorate the walls of your daycare with all kinds of posters. Create a special wall for Valentine's Day. (Open banner-The Heart Kingdom) (Open banner-The Heart Kingdom-small) Print, cut out, and laminate. Use the banners to set the mood for the theme. Trace and cut out an enormous heart shape and display it under the large banner. Invite parents to help you decorate the wall. (Open heart memos) Print several copies and leave them near your daycare entrance. Encourage parents to write messages and display them on your wall. You may also invite children to whisper messages for their friends in your ear so that you can write them on tiny construction paper hearts. They can also suggest kind words such as kind, gentle, nice, smile, great, charming, respectful, etc.


Educa-decorate-The Heart Kingdom

(Open educa-decorate-The Heart Kingdom) Print, cut out, and laminate. Decorate the walls of your daycare to set the mood for the theme.


SPECIAL TOOLEduca-decorate-The Heart Kingdom
(Open naptime routine) This special tool was created in response to a special request received. Print and display it in your naptime area.


(Open picture game-The Heart Kingdom) The pictures may be used to decorate your daycare or a specific thematic corner. Print, laminate, and store the pictures in a Ziploc bag or in your thematic bin.



(Open writing activities-H like heart) Print for each child or laminate for use with a dry-erase marker.


Stationery-The Heart Kingdom
(Open stationery-The Heart Kingdom) Print. The stationery may be used to communicate with parents, in your reading and writing area, or to identify your thematic bins.

 Picture game-The Heart Kingdom

Activity sheets are suggested for each theme. (Open activity sheets-The Heart Kingdom) Print and follow directions.


Educa-nuudles-The Heart Kingdom

(Open educa-nuudles-The Heart Kingdom) Print for each child. Have children color the sheet and use Magic Nuudles to give it a three-dimensional look. Variation: You don't have Magic Nuudles? Have children fill the spaces designed for Magic Nuudles with bingo markers or stickers. To order Magic Nuudles



Use the cards to spark a conversation with your group or in your reading and writing area. They may also be used to identify your thematic bins. (Open word flashcards-Valentine's Day) (Open giant word flashcards-Valentine's Day) Print. love, friendship, Cupid, heart, marriage, chocolate, bouquet, rose, arrow, card, valentine, sweetheart

Perpetual calendar-Valentine’s Day Breakfast


Plan a special breakfast with your group and invite parents to join you between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. This will give parents a chance to socialize. Simply prepare a fruit platter, muffins, and pastries. Children will enjoy having their parents present in their daycare environment. (Open perpetual calendar-Valentine's Day breakfast)


Paper tablecloth craft
With your group, cut out several pink and red construction paper hearts. Have them glue the hearts on a paper tablecloth. Add glitter, ribbon, stickers, etc. Use the tablecloth to decorate the table for your Valentine's Day breakfast. If you prefer, have each child decorate a placemat. (Open heart placemat) Print for each child. Have them color their placemat and laminate them when they are done.


Valentine's Day decorationsEduc-pairs-The Heart Kingdom
At the beginning of the week, give each child a small bag filled with a variety of materials related to the theme. Invite parents to make a Valentine's Day decoration with their child. They can present it to the group during your Valentine's Day breakfast or celebrations. Set up a special Valentine's Day tree. Children can hang their decoration in the tree.


Valentine's Day mailbox
Deposit a special Valentine's Day mailbox near your daycare entrance and encourage parents, children and daycare personnel to draw or write messages for a child or even for each child.



Educ-pairs-The Heart Kingdom
(Open educ-pairs-The Heart Kingdom) Print. Children must draw a line between matching items or color them using the same color. Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use.


Educ-trace-The Heart KingdomWriting activities-H like heart
(Open educ-trace-The Heart Kingdom) Print for each child. Children must trace the lines using the correct color and then color each item using the corresponding color.


Educa-symmetry-The Heart Kingdom
(Open educa-symmetry-The Heart Kingdom) Print. Children must color the bottom drawing to make it look exactly like the model provided at the top.



Valentine's Day drink
Serve a Heart Kingdom specialty. Simply add a few drops of red food coloring to each child's milk.


Heart Kingdom cupcakes
Let each child decorate a few miniature cupcakes or muffins. Provide icing and candy pieces.


Heart Kingdom castleActivities-sheet-The Heart Kingdom
Show children how they can assemble cookies (Social Tea cookies for example) to build a castle using icing to stick them together. When they are done, they can completely coat their castle with icing and decorate it with candy pieces.



Heart models
(Open models-Hearts) Print several copies. Use the hearts for decorations, crafts, and activities throughout the theme.


Puppets-Queen of hearts
(Open puppets-Queen of hearts) Print the models on heavy cardboard. Have children cut them out and decorate them. Glue a Popsicle stick behind each model to create puppets.



(Open coloring pages theme-The Heart Kingdom) Print for each child.Puppets-Queen of hearts


I am learning to draw-Hearts
(Open I am learning to draw-Hearts) Print and laminate the model sheet. Encourage children to practice their drawing technique before trying to draw a heart on their own.


Complete the drawing-The Heart Kingdom
(Open Complete the drawing-The Heart Kingdom) Print for each child. Children must complete the drawing by adding the missing elements.



(Open songs & rhymes-Hearts)

By: Patricia Morrison


HeartsSongs & rhymes-Hearts

One heart, two hearts
Beat as one
Three hearts, four hearts
Or a ton
Filled with love
For everyone


Have fun!

The Educatall team


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