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Using posters economically

I am sure you have all seen the posters sold in big-box stores. They are attractive and perfect for decorating your daycare. Since they are inexpensive (usually under $6), you probably purchase posters from time to time.


Here is one way you can use posters economically: share them with other early childhood educators.


Find other early childhood educators who are willing to work with you. The more participants you find, the more posters there will be to go around.


Ask each early childhood educator to purchase one poster. Prepare a list that includes a description of each poster purchased to avoid having two identical posters.


Each early childhood educator displays her poster within her daycare for a predetermined period (two weeks for example).


At the end of this period, rotate posters and so on until you get the poster you initially purchased back.


With this method, you will have decorated your daycare with several different posters over the course of the year for under $6!




Laminate only the edges of the posters to protect them. This is not easy to do, but it really is worth the effort.


Display the posters on the wall next to your changing table. Babies and toddlers will love to admire them.


Why not meet the other early childhood educators at the playground when it is time to exchange posters?


Collect empty rolls of wrapping paper or purchase tubing at the hardware store. They are perfect for storing posters inside.


Chantal Millette
Early childhood educator

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