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Mother's Day

Activities for toddlers and babies

Mother's Day is the perfect occasion for presenting a small theme about mothers. After all, they have a very special place in the hearts of little ones. Photograph each child with his/her mother. These pictures will be used throughout this theme.



Mom flowers
Cut large flowers out of construction paper or cardboard. Have babies and toddlers color the flowers. In the centre of each flower, glue a picture of a child with his/her mother. Hang the flowers from the ceiling.




Mom hunt and seek (for diaper changes)
Using adhesive paper, display a picture of each child's mother on the wall next to your changing table. Encourage children to identify their mother's picture when you change their diaper. They may also look at the other pictures.


My hero, lunchtime decorations
Print pictures of different characters children are familiar with and their mother (Caillou and his mother, Dora and her mother, etc.). Stick the pictures on a plastic tablecloth, drinking glasses, and plates to create a simple thematic lunch.




Scented scarves
Invite mothers to spray their perfume on a scarf. Let each baby and toddler manipulate the scarf that belongs to his/her mother.




Love you Mom
To decorate your hallway or your cloakroom, cut large letters out of cardboard. You will need a heart (to represent love), a "U", and the letters that make up the word "Mom". Let babies and toddlers draw on them and decorate them with a variety of materials. Display them to create a banner for mothers.


Flower pots
Let children paint on flower pots. When the paint is dry, fill the pots with soil. Let babies and toddlers explore the soil. They will enjoy filling and emptying the pots over and over again. After a while, plant flowers with them. Children will be so proud to give their mother a decorated flower pot.


A picture flower
Photograph each child. Give each child a cardboard flower and have them paint it. Glue each child's picture in the centre of his/her flower. Write "I love you Mom" on the stem.




Massage lesson
This is the perfect gift for moms. Invite a massage therapist to visit your daycare and show mothers how to massage their child.


Relaxing moment
If you are unable to organize a massage lesson, play calm music, arrange cushions and blankets here and there, and provide sweet almond oil. Invite mothers to spend an hour with you. They can take advantage of the calm atmosphere to massage their child.


Certificate or poster
Have babies and toddlers make special certificates or posters for their mother. You can add a picture, a handprint, or a drawing. Laminate and attach a string behind the certificate or poster so that mothers can hang it. You may also choose to insert the certificates in picture frames. You will find printable certificates in the educatall club.




Playing with pictures
Take a close-up picture of each mother, print the pictures and play around with them.

  • Use them to make your own 2-piece puzzles. With more advanced toddlers, mix up the pieces and let them search for the pieces that go together.
  • Print two copies of each picture and have fun finding matching pictures with little ones.
  • Ask each mother to wear a sweater of a different color. Take pictures and then have fun looking at the pictures with your group and naming the colors.
  • With older toddlers, take pictures of each child too. Have fun associating each mother to the correct child.

Animal mothers
Animals have mothers too! Look at animal picture books. Associate large stuffed animals with smaller stuffed animals that represent the same animal (mama bear and baby bear for example). Laminate pictures of various animals along with their little ones.




A necklace for Mom
Let babies and toddlers draw or paint on empty toilet paper rolls. If you wish, let children add stickers too. Cut each roll into two or three pieces that will become large lacing beads. Children can lace them onto a string or ribbon to create a necklace for their mother.


A stroll with Mom
Organize a simple outing in your neighbourhood with the mothers of the children in your group. Stop at the playground to eat a special snack and play together. If you are lucky enough to have a pedestrian path in a forest nearby, this is the perfect occasion to take advantage of it!




A flower for Mom
Visit your local florist with your group and purchase a flower for each mother. Babies and toddlers will be happy to give their flower to their mother at the end of the day with a pretty card.




Songbook for moms

Ask each child's mother to share a song or rhyme they like to sing or recite for their child at home with you. Write the words of each song on a piece of paper and join them together to create a special songbook. Sing the songs with your group and make a copy of your songbook for each mother.


Celebrity poster

Mothers and children are the celebrities that will appear on this special poster. Use pictures of the babies and toddlers in your group along with pictures of each child's mother to create a special poster. Laminate it and display it on a wall. Have fun naming each child and his/her mother.


Listen to your mother's voice

If mothers accept, have them record their voice or sing a song using a recording device. Listen to the recordings with your group.


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