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Fun clothesline activities

Why not use your clothesline to play fun games with your group?


Here are a few suggestions:

  • Hang a bedsheet on a clothesline. Encourage children to throw a ball on the bedsheet. Use smaller pieces of fabric to make the activity more challenging.
  • Hang a blanket on your clothesline and invite children to run through it. The fabric will tickle them as they run by. Repeat using blankets with different textures.
  • If you have an old bedsheet, cut holes of different sizes in it and let children try to throw balls through the holes.
  • Draw targets on an old bedsheet and have children try to hit them with balls or balloons.
  • Draw or paint an animal face on a bedsheet and cut a hole where its mouth is. Children can pretend to feed the animal grass, sand, toys, etc.
  • Hang hula hoops on your clothesline and throw objects through the hoops.
  • Draw pictures outside and display them on your clothesline.
  • Hang a variety of objects on your clothesline. Listen to the sounds they produce when the wind blows.

Have fun!


Marie-Josée Thibert
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