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Making the most of your trip to the playground

To make the most of your trip to the playground, take part in children's games and create incentives for play.


Playgrounds offer opportunities to build sandcastles, draw roads in the sand, observe the hot or cold texture of different objects, etc.


You can easily bring a few new objects for children to explore such as stuffed animals, figurines, spatulas, cars, small boxes, dinosaurs, paintbrushes, waxed or wooden crayons, paper, paper bags, a camera, a book, etc.


Here are a few ways you can use these items:

  • Stuffed animals can go down a slide or be pushed on a swing.
  • Children can bake cakes with sand and grass.
  • Trace paths in the sand for small cars.
  • A box can represent a boat, a car, or a luge for figurines.
  • Dinosaurs can be hidden in a sandbox and children can search for them using paintbrushes like paleontologists.
  • Children can make crayon rubbings with the various objects they find.
  • Children can draw what they see at the playground.
  • Small treasures (branches, flowers, rocks) can be collected in paper bags.
  • Photograph your playground activities.
  • Encourage children to lie on towels and read (or tell) them a story.
  • Have fun on the slides.
  • Run.
  • Hide.
  • Laugh and have fun!

Your trips to the playground with your group can represent the best kind of therapy!



Chantal Millette
Early childhood educator

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