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The arts & crafts corner during summer months

Modifying the contents of your various corners according to the themes explored can be interesting, but you can also change the materials offered and the subjects presented according to the seasons. Here are a few suggestions for your arts & crafts corner during the summer.


Outdoor arts & crafts
Arts & crafts are always popular among children, even during the summer. However, during summer months, we sometimes spend less time on arts & crafts because we want to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Why not take your arts & crafts corner outside?

Summer and crafts are a great combination. Summer is the perfect time to explore messier projects such as giant murals, painting with your feet, painting giant houses, sponge painting, etc. Have children wear their bathing suits and they'll be easy to clean off with a hose when they are done.



  • A mobile storage unit (three drawers) is great for storing arts & crafts material. It can easily be moved around, making cleaning up easy at the end of the day or when needed.
  • Hang sheets of corrugated plastic (recycle local advertising and campaign signs) on a fence. Children can use them to draw, paint, and create. Best of all, you can clean everything off with a hose (or rainfall) so children can start over again and again. As an added bonus, you can use adhesive tape to hang paper or cardboard on the plastic sheets for other activities.
  • Set up a gazebo to create natural shade in your backyard. Children will appreciate coloring or painting in this area.



During summer months, simply provide:

  • Scraps of paper and cardboard in summer colors.
  • Markers, wooden pencils, waxed crayons (don't leave them out in the sun!).
  • White paper (from recycling bin), coloured paper, stationery.
  • Stickers and summer-themed confetti.
  • Fabric flower petals that can be glued on creations.

At the beach:

  • Sand, white glue, and cardboard for sandy creations.
  • Sandpaper and chalk.
  • Seashells.
  • Salt (fine salt, coarse salt, Epsom salt, tinted salt), white glue, and dark construction paper.
  • Construction paper, cardboard, and different types of yellow, orange, and red paper to create sunny crafts.
  • Different types of materials for creating boats (Popsicle sticks, cardboard, tissue paper, etc.).

In the forest:

  • Green, brown, and black construction paper for creating a collective forest.
  • A variety of items found in nature (pinecones, leaves, branches, etc.).
  • Grass and white glue.

At the playground:

  • Sidewalk chalk.
  • Sidewalk paint.
  • Spray bottles filled with water for creating temporary designs on the ground.
  • Goops paint for special driveway creations.

On their body:

  • Makeup.
  • Body paint.

It's summertime! Have fun! Your creativity is your only limit!


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