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Hello! I am writing to you simply to thank you for your latest series of documents: Box sounds and pictures. I was searching for tools to help my triplets with their language delay (sounds and words). When I visited your website, as I do each week for my home daycare, I found this wonderful tool! I look forward to future documents. Thank you so much! You make our life so much easier! Keep up your magnificent work!


Fanie S.

Early childhood educator and mother of 4 girls



Wow! Congratulations to the entire team!


For the last three weeks, and especially this week, I found tools I have been trying to find for quite some time now!

Thank you so much.


Little Smiles Daycare



Hello everyone,

I am sending this email to congratulate and thank you for everything educatall does. I have never regretted my membership. I wish the entire educatall team continued success!


Samia F.



Thank you for the great work accomplished by you and your team. I recommend your website to all the early childhood educators I know. Since it contains many tools, is well-organized, and current, it is very useful for early childhood educators. I visit your website regularly and feel it is the best of its kind.


Genevieve F.

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