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For a safe Halloween

In October, Halloween is on everyone's mind. Children impatiently look forward to Halloween night, when they will finally get to collect candy galore. For once, they will be allowed to eat sweets freely, or almost.


At our house, we've already settled on a Batman costume for my eldest and a pumpkin costume for my youngest. Our scarecrow longs to greet trick or treaters and our candy bags have been filled.


To make sure nothing goes wrong come Halloween night, let's review the safety rules that must be discussed with children. I am sure you have heard them before, but every year, they are worth repeating. We can't afford to forget them.

  • It is best to wear makeup instead of a mask since masks can block children's field of vision.
  • Costumes must be the right size to avoid falls.
  • Only knock on doors of houses with Halloween lights and decorations. People who do not decorate often do not want trick or treaters to stop at their house.
  • Do not eat candy along the way, wait until you are at home and an adult has checked your candy.
  • Younger children must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Older children can go trick or treating without adult supervision, but they must always remain with a group of friends.
  • Children must never get in a car with a stranger.
  • Draw a map of the route children are to follow within your neighbourhood. This will make finding them much easier.
  • Provide flashlights so children can light their way and be seen by cars.


Happy Halloween!


Maude Dubé
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