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The arts & crafts corner during winter months

Modifying the contents of your various corners according to the themes explored can be interesting, but you can also change the materials offered and the subjects presented according to the seasons. Here are a few suggestions for your arts & crafts corner during winter.



Painting is a messy activity that requires a great deal of supervision. However, most children love to paint. There are many different types of traditional paint that can be explored such as poster paint and watercolours, but you can also take advantage of winter months to explore special types of paint such as:

  • Shimmer paint
  • Glossy paint
  • Magic paint

Here are a few tricks that will simplify painting activities:

  • Set a plastic tablecloth or old blanket on the floor.
  • Be patient and allow room for children's sense of wonder.
  • Give children small individual containers filled with paint to make it easier for them to share.
  • Add a few drops of different shades of blue and purple (cool colors) to your poster paint.
  • Set an easel near a window so children can look outside and be inspired to paint a winter scene.

Frozen paint


Add a few drops of poster paint to water before pouring it in an ice cube tray. Insert a Popsicle stick in each section. Once the ice cubes are completely frozen, use them like paintbrushes. Simply remove them from the ice cube tray and glide them over heavy paper or cardboard.


Snow everywhere


Paper snowflake

  • Fold square pieces of paper several times. Cut various shapes along the edges to create fun snowflake shapes. Unfold the paper to see what they look like. This is a classic activity worth repeating each year.

Glue snowflake

  • Print snowflake models or draw snowflakes on a piece of white paper. Deposit a sheet of waxed paper on top of each model and use white glue to trace the lines and reproduce snowflakes. Let the snowflakes dry before gently removing the waxed paper. Hang the snowflakes from the ceiling.

Shimmery artificial snow

  • Spread liquid glue on a drawing and sprinkle artificial snow on top. Remove any excess by gently shaking the paper over a garbage can. The artificial snow will add depth to the drawing. The effect is especially pretty on dark paper.

A snowstorm

  • Simply glue scraps of white paper on a piece of black or dark blue construction paper. Have children tear the scraps of white paper using their fingers. Encourage them to layer the pieces on the dark paper to represent snow. Very young children will love this activity.

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