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The role play area during winter months

Modifying the contents of your various corners according to the themes explored can be interesting, but you can also change the materials offered and the subjects presented according to the seasons. Here are a few suggestions for your role play area during winter.


The beach
To warm up on those cold winter days, transform your role play area to make it look like a beach or cottage. Provide bathing suits, beach towels, beach chairs, and umbrellas. Move your role play area next to a window so children can take in a few rays as they play.


The picnic
During summer, children love to go on picnics. Picnics can also be enjoyed during winter! Cover your floor with cotton batting (easy to find around Christmas) to represent snow and set a picnic basket, plastic dishes, and food items on it. Let children prepare and enjoy a winter picnic in the "snow".


You may also choose to add mittens, coats, and other winter clothing items you have on hand so children can dress for the occasion.


Soup's on!
Soup is greatly appreciated on a cold winter day. Offer everything children need to prepare their own pretend soup in your role play area: plastic vegetables, salt and pepper, spices, etc. You may also display pictures or recipes on the wall. Of course, don't forget to add a large pot and a wooden spoon to make this activity seem real.


Children will also love wearing aprons and oven mitts or setting the table with colourful soup bowls.


Take your role play area outside!

Why not? Build a snow castle in the snow with your group and bring your kitchen, dishes, and plastic food items outside. Children will love preparing snow-based recipes. While you are at it, serve the morning snack (or even lunch) in your snow castle.

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