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A magical Christmas tree mural

December means Christmas. Children (and their early childhood educators) are excited for this special celebration. For many children, Christmas rhymes with decorated Christmas trees. To decorate your daycare, I suggest creating a forest of magical Christmas trees as a group.


Begin by hanging a large paper banner on a wall or by sticking several pieces of white cardboard on the lower section of a wall. Draw several Christmas tree outlines and invite children to paint them with green paint. If you prefer, you may also cut large triangles out of green cardboard to represent Christmas trees. Your mural should be approximately 3 feet high so it is accessible for children and to ensure their little eyes can easily admire their masterpiece.


Thumbprint lights

  • Use your thumbs and colourful poster paint to create original garlands. Simply use a pencil to trace lines on your Christmas tree. Press your thumbs in paint and then along the lines. Once the thumbprints are dry, connect them with a marker and draw the base of each light bulb. To make your Christmas lights even more special, add a few drops of white glue on each one and sprinkle glitter on top.


Pompom garlands

  • Use a pencil to draw garlands directly on your Christmas trees. Have children glue colourful pompoms on the lines using white glue. Once the glue is dry, draw a line between the pompoms with a marker. At this time of the year, you can find shiny Christmas pompoms at the dollar store. If you prefer, you may also use Styrofoam shapes.


Shiny pinecones

  • Use pinecones you collected on autumn walks with your group or purchase some at an arts & crafts store. Apply glue and sprinkle glitter on the pinecones. Glue them on your Christmas trees or hang them from the ceiling to add to your scene. If you wish, you may also glue miniature pompoms on the pinecones to create a fun three-dimensional effect.


Scented ornaments

  • Have children prick whole cloves in clementines. Tie a ribbon around each one and hang them from the ceiling. The scent will spread throughout your daycare.


Gifts galore

  • Collect several different sizes of boxes. Wrap them with kraft paper. Have children decorate them by drawing on the paper or using stamps, stickers, or other materials. Deposit the gifts in front of your Christmas trees to add depth to your mural.


Play Christmas music as you greet children in the morning to set the mood. Add a few drops of cinnamon essential oil here and there throughout the daycare, sprinkle ginger, or purchase a pine-scented room spray (in the Christmas decoration aisle of department stores).


Merry Christmas!


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