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A snowstorm mural

January is a cold, snow-filled month. Children get excited at the sight of falling snow and are always happy to go outside and play. Why not create your very own indoor snowstorm with your group?


Begin by hanging a large blue or black banner or by arranging several pieces of blue or black construction paper on a wall, at children's level. Three feet is the ideal height for little ones.


Cork snowflakes
Press wine corks (or sponge pieces) in white paint and then on your mural. Let children use this method to add snowflakes all over your mural or, if you prefer, on a single area. You may add silver glitter before the paint dries for a magical touch.


Doily snowflakes
Purchase several paper doilies. Use glitter glue to decorate them with your group. Once the glue is dry, stick the doilies on your banner or, if you prefer, just above or just below your banner to decorate it.


Sticky snowflakes
Use a black marker to draw snowflake shapes on square pieces of white paper. Help children cut them out. Create different sizes of snowflakes and glue them on your mural. You can also use light blue paper to add a little color.


Soft as cotton balls
Have children glue cotton balls all over your mural. Young children will love manipulating this soft material. Expect sticky fingers!


Sweet snow
Complete your mural with a sweet addition. Have children glue miniature marshmallows on your scene. Don't be surprised if they eat a few marshmallows along the way...


Unroll cotton batting on the floor, in front of your mural. Sit on the cotton batting for story time.


Have a wonderful winter!

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