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Love and friendship

February is here. For some, February means that spring is coming and that there are only a few weeks left to enjoy winter sports. Others may be happy to see that the cold weather will soon be over. One thing is certain; everyone associates February with Valentine's Day.


This celebration is interesting in a daycare setting. Here are a few activities based on love, friendship, and recognition. After all, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to tell those who surround us they are appreciated.


The Valentine's Day mailbox
Set a box decorated with Valentine's Day colors in a busy area within your daycare. Provide paper, crayons, envelopes, and stickers children can use to draw pictures they can "mail" to their daycare friends. During your Valentine's Day party, open the mailbox and distribute the drawings to the children in your group.


I love you, I appreciate you, you are important
Stick different sizes of construction paper hearts on the wall, next to your daycare entrance. Encourage parents to write a message for their child on one of the hearts. If they wish, they may also write a message for their child's early childhood educators. Display the messages and read them out loud. They will brighten everyone's day! Of course, this type of declaration can be done at any time during the year...


If you work in a large daycare, you most likely have a cook who prepares meals for your group. Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to highlight his/her work. Cut colourful fruit shapes out of construction paper and invite parents and children to write a few kind words on them. Glue the fruity messages and a few drawings next to the kitchen for a special surprise.


Hanging hearts
To add to your Valentine's Day décor, hang plastic hearts from the ceiling. You can easily find heart-shaped boxes and containers at the dollar store. Simply insert a string in each box and replace the lid to hold it in place. Children will love to admire these inexpensive decorations.


Heart-filled staircase
Glue construction paper or Fun Foam hearts on the risers of each step (avoid gluing them on the steps to prevent falls). Children will count the hearts as they go up the stairs. This is a great way to add an extra touch of color to your daycare.


As you can see, there are many simple ways to decorate and celebrate Valentine's Day, even without falling into the commercial aspect of this holiday. A few kind words and gestures is all it takes!


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