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Valentine's Day Ball

A theme designed to help you prepare a grand Valentine's Day celebration for your group.

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Activity sheets, writing activities, invitations, coloring pages, a new song, and so much more for a full week of party planning!

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Educatall Club

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(Open thematic poster-Valentine's Day Ball) Print, laminate, and decorate the walls of your daycare with all kinds of posters.


Educa-theme-Valentine's Day Ball
(Open educa-theme-Valentine's Day Ball) Print and laminate. Use the illustrations to present the theme to your group (and their parents) while decorating one area of your daycare.


Educa-decorate-Valentine's Day Ball
(Open educa-decorate-Valentine's Day Ball) Print, laminate, and cut out. Use the illustrations to decorate the walls of your daycare and set the mood for the theme.


Garland-Valentine's Day Ball
(Open garland-Valentine's Day Ball) Print. Let children decorate the garland. Cut it out and hang it within your daycare or near your daycare entrance.


SPECIAL TOOLGarland-Valentine's Day Ball

This tool was created in response to a special request received. (Open diploma-I know my shapes) Print and complete for each child.



The educatall team suggests a series of special activities that will help you prepare for your Valentine's Day Ball. Throughout the week, children will be invited to prepare the décor and meal for your Valentine's Day party. Gloria, the party planner, will guide their preparations. (Open Gloria-Chief party planner) Print the puppet and use it to present the letters to your group. (Open thematic letter-Valentine's Day Ball) Print the letters and set the stage for the week's activities. Decorate a special Valentine's Day box by sticking hearts and glitter on a shoe box. Each day, deposit a letter in your Valentine's Day box and leave it in an easy to find location. When children find it, read the letter to them and complete the day's activity or challenge as a group.


Invitations for the ball
(Open Valentine's Day Ball invitations) Print and give each child an invitation. (Open perpetual calendar-Valentine's Day Ball) Print, laminate, and display the calendar near your daycare entrance to inform parents and children of this special activity.

 Valentine's Day-Ball invitations

Monday: Tablecloth decorating

Hello my friends!
My name is Gloria. I have come to help your early childhood educator plan the Valentine's Day Ball. Today, we need your help to decorate the tablecloths that will be used during the ball. Your early childhood educator will provide all necessary instructions. Be creative and use as many pretty colors as possible. See you tomorrow!

Gloria, Chief party planner


Memo for the early childhood educator: Purchase a few paper tablecloths or use large rolls of white paper. Have children decorate them with markers, watercolors, stamps, and stickers. The tablecloths can be set on tables for your Valentine's Day lunch.


Tuesday: Making curtains
Hello again,
Today, with your early childhood educator's help, you will make special curtains that will be used to decorate the walls of your daycare for the ball. Follow your early childhood educator's instructions closely. The curtains represent a very important part of the décor for the ball. She will also need your help installing other decorations for the big day.

Gloria xxxThematic letter-Valentine's Day Ball


Memo for the early childhood educator: Cut large white paper banners or use old bed sheets to make special curtains. Encourage children to decorate them by gluing metallic confetti or pompoms on them. They may also use paint or markers. Once the "curtains" are dry, hang them on the main wall of your daycare or on either side of the door. Invite children to help you arrange educa-decorate illustrations, posters, and garlands here and there. Balloons can represent another nice addition to your décor.


Wednesday: Valentine's Day Ball punch

Good morning!

Today, we will prepare the punch that will be served during the ball. With your early childhood educator's help, you will prepare this special treat that will be enjoyed in special glasses when the time comes. You will each be given the chance to add at least one ingredient. Try not to spill anything. When your punch is ready, you can also prepare a special fruit salad. Mmm...delicious! Have fun!


Memo for the early childhood educator: Here is a simple punch recipe that can be prepared with your group.


Valentine's Day Ball PunchPerpetual calendar-Valentine's Day Ball


  • 4 ½ cups of cranberry juice
  • 3 cups of orange juice
  • ¾ cup of lemon juice
  • 1 ½ cup of Ginger Ale
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • ½ cup of water
  • 2 lemons, sliced


  1. Bring water and sugar to a boil.
  2. Reduce heat and simmer for three minutes, without stirring. Allow to cool.
  3. Add juices and stir well.
  4. Add Ginger Ale just prior to serving.
  5. Garnish with fruit and cherries.

For the fruit salad, choose fruits that children know well along with other more exotic fruits. Use cookie cutters to cut flower and heart shapes out of watermelon or cantaloupe. Don't forget to add lots of bright red cherries! Purchase small plastic wine glasses and tiny red bowls to serve the punch and fruit salad on the day of the ball.


Thursday: Meal preparationPicture game-Valentine's Day Ball

Today is my favorite day of the week since we will be preparing the food for tomorrow's ball. Listen carefully to your early childhood educator's instructions and help her prepare pizza, sandwiches, and yummy veggies. I am off to prepare for tomorrow's ball.



Memo for the early childhood educator: Cut heart shapes out of pizza dough using cookie cutters. Have children spread pizza sauce on the dough and sprinkle toppings on top. Arrange the pizzas on a cookie sheet and cover them with plastic wrap. Set them in the refrigerator until tomorrow. Cut heart shapes out of bread slices and let children make their own sandwiches. Offer cheese, meat, lettuce, etc. Create fun shapes with carrots, cucumbers, and other fresh vegetables.


Friday: The Valentine's Day Ball

It's finally time for the ball! Everything is ready. Are you ready to have fun? I hope you enjoyed preparing for the ball with me, I know I really enjoyed your help! Enjoy the party.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Gloria xxx


Memo for the early childhood educator: Complete your décor with the tablecloths and curtains prepared by your group. In the morning, offer a variety of Valentine's Day workshops and activities. Right before lunch, play music and turn the lights down. Let children dance. If you wish, you can give each child a glow stick. They will love waving them in the air. You may choose to let them keep their glow stick by their side during naptime. Use special Valentine's Day dishes and battery-operated candles. Enjoy the ball!
Valentine's Day activitiesActivity sheets-Valentine?s Day Ball

Red Day - (Open perpetual calendar-Red Day) Print and display to inform parents of this special day. Collect as many red items as possible and integrate them in your daily activities.


Valentine's Day-Special Day
(Open perpetual calendar-Valentine's Day) Organize a pink, red, and white-filled day and explore these colors with your group. At lunch time, use red food coloring to transform various food items. Draw a heart in each child's plate using ketchup. Add a drop of food coloring to their glass of milk. For dessert, fill a platter with red fruit pieces and serve them with chocolate pudding. At snack time, use cookie cutters to cut heart shapes out of bread slices. Spread red jam on the hearts. Replace your regular light bulbs with red light bulbs. Hang tiny red Christmas lights throughout the daycare. Use lipstick to draw hearts on mirrors and windows. Invite children to wear red, pink, and white clothing items or simply declare a pyjama day. Draw hearts on children's cheeks. Fill a kiddie pool with crumpled pieces of red, pink, and white paper and let children use them to play Valentine's Day basketball. Hide chocolate hearts in the bottom of the pool and encourage children to search for them.



The pictures may be used as a memory game or to spark a conversation with your group. Use them to decorate the daycare or a specific thematic corner. (Open picture game-Valentine's Day Ball) Print, laminate, and store in a Ziploc bag or in your thematic bins.


ACTIVITY SHEETSStationery-Valentine's Day Ball

(Open activity sheets-Valentine's Day Ball) Print for each child and follow instructions.



(Open writing activities-B like ball) Print for each child or laminate for use with a dry-erase marker.


(Open stationery-Valentine's Day Ball) Use this thematic stationery to communicate with parents, in your writing area, or to identify your thematic bins. Print.


Educa-nuudles-Valentine's Day Ball
(Open educa-nuudles-Valentine's Day Ball) Print for each child. Have children color the sheet. Once they are done, they may use Magic Nuudles to turn the coloring pages into three dimensional works of art. Variation: If you do not have Magic Nuudles, ask children to fill the spaces designed for the Magic Nuudles with bingo markers or stickers. To order Magic Nuudles


Word flashcardsGame-This-is-my-spot-Valentine?s-Day

The flashcards may be used during circle time to spark a conversation with your group or in your reading and writing area. They may also be used to identify your thematic bins. (Open word flashcards-Valentine's Day) (Open giant word flashcards-Valentine's Day) love, friendship, cupid, heart, marriage, chocolate, bouquet, rose, arrow, card, valentine, sweetheart



Game-This is my spot-Valentine's Day
(Open game-This is my spot-Valentine's Day) Print two copies of each illustration. Use adhesive paper to stick one copy of each illustration on the table. Place the second copy in a bag. Children take turns picking an illustration to determine where they must sit at the table. You may also use the illustrations to determine children's naptime spots or their place in the task train.


My heart path
(Open fun hearts) Print, laminate, and secure the illustrations on the floor of your daycare to create a path leading to the areas frequently visited by children throughout the day. The path can lead to the bathroom, the cloakroom, etc. If you prefer, use the illustrations to delimit various areas.


COGNITIVE ACTIVITIES Educ-trace-Valentine's Day Ball

Educ-trace-Valentine's Day Ball
(Open educ-trace-Valentine's Day Ball) Print for each child. Children must trace the dotted lines using the corresponding colors and then color the objects.

Educa-symmetry-Valentine's Day Ball
(Open educa-symmetry-Valentine's Day Ball) Print. Have children color the bottom picture to make it look exactly like the top picture.


Educ-intruder-Valentine's Day Ball
(Open educ-intruder-Valentine's Day Ball) Print and laminate. Children must find the six items hidden in the scene.



Dress-up dolls-Valentine's Day Ball
(Open dress-up dolls-Valentine's Day Ball) Print and laminate. Leave the pieces out. Children will enjoy dressing the doll many different ways.


educ-intruder-Valentine's Day BallValentine's Day Ball souvenir
(Open souvenir frame-Valentine's Day Ball) Print for each child. Photograph each child during the Valentine's Day Ball. Print the pictures and help children place their picture in their frame.



Food item of the week: Tomatoes
(Open educ-poster-Tomatoes) Print and laminate the posters and use them to present the food item to your group. The posters will make it possible for children to discover different forms of everyday food items. Display them near the table where children eat or in your kitchen area.



Puppets-Valentine's Day Ball
(Open puppets-Valentine's Day Ball) Print the models on heavy cardboard. Have children cut them out and decorate them with a variety of materials. Glue a Popsicle stick behind each model to create puppets.


Models-Valentine's Day Ball
(Open models-Valentine's Day Ball) Print the models and use them for various crafts and activities throughout the theme.



(Open coloring pages theme-Valentine's Day Ball) Print for each child.


Complete the drawing-Valentine's Day Ball
(Open complete the drawing-Valentine's Day Ball) Print for each child. Have children complete the picture by drawing the missing elements.


SONGS & RHYMESsongs & rhymes-To the ball

(Open songs & rhymes-To the ball)


To the ball

By: Patricia Morrison Sung to: Take me out to the ball game


Celebrate Valentine's Day
Come with me to the ball
We'll dance all day and have so much fun
Come quick, come all, come everyone
Wear red or wear pink
Oh please just come
To the Valentine's Day Ball



Have fun!

The Educatall team


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