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Personalized communication tool

Use this personalized and imaginative idea to create a tool that can be used to communicate with parents.


This tool can be used to give parents messages, their child's artwork, or to provide simple comments about their child's day. All you have to do is secure whatever it is you want parents to pick up at the end of the day on a special clothesline using clothespins that are decorated with a picture of their child.



  • A long rope
  • Clothespins
  • Individual pictures of the children in your group

Print and laminate the pictures of the children in your group. Glue each picture on a clothespin. Hang the rope, much like a clothesline, near your daycare entrance, in the cloakroom, or within your daycare. When a child completes artwork or you have written documents that must be given to parents, simply hang each document on the clothesline using one of the child's personalized clothespins.


You may also use this special clothesline to display children's artwork within your daycare. Here, your personalized clothesline will become an adorable art gallery.


Chantal Millette
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