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Hurray for spring!

When March arrives, there are signs that spring is just around the corner. Countless water puddles and milder weather are just the beginning.


Of course, we look forward to taking down our winter decorations and adding a touch of color to our walls. We are all glad to leave the gray winter months behind us. For this reason, I suggest a springtime mural that will help you ease into spring and prepare for Easter.


For starters, cut large pieces of green cardboard to represent grass and secure them at the bottom of the wall you wish to decorate.


Tulips are among the first flowers to appear in spring. Make colourful tulips with your group using egg carton sections and pipe cleaners. Arrange them on the wall, just above the green grass.


Mud puddles
Mud is a sure sign of spring! It's everywhere! Use waxed paper and finger paint to introduce children to different color combinations and, in the end, show them how they can create brown paint to create mud puddles. Once the paint is dry, cut puddle shapes out of the waxed paper and arrange them on the floor, in front of your mural. You can secure them in place by depositing large pieces of adhesive paper on top. Children can splash around in these mud puddles without getting dirty.


Raindrops everywhere
Cut raindrops out of heavy cardboard and glue them directly on a large white paper banner. Encourage children to paint all around the raindrops using paintbrushes, sponges, or even toothbrushes. Once the paint is dry, simply remove the raindrops and admire the result.


Egg hunt
Cut egg shapes out of white cardboard (or use colourful foam eggs) and ask children to decorate them with glitter glue, glitter, ribbon, markers, and other small decorations. Once the eggs are dry, glue them just above your strip of green grass and write the name of each child next to his/her egg.


Bunny, duck, and chicken tracks...
Have children cut bunny, duck, and chicken tracks out of construction paper. Use adhesive paper to secure the tracks on steps, walls, and floors throughout the daycare. Every day, deposit a small treat at the end of the path created by the tracks. Children will love to discover a new surprise each day.


Happy spring!

Caroline Allard
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