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The science corner during spring

Spring sets the stage for a multitude of discoveries. Snow is melting away and items that were buried under a white blanket for months are beginning to peak through. Nature is coming back to life and providing opportunities to introduce children to science! Children are naturally curious. Simply feed their curiosity and use it to teach them about the world that surrounds them.


Magnifying glasses in the backyard
Before going outside with your group, set a plastic tablecloth on a long table. Give each child a bowl or a small container. Encourage them to collect items found in the backyard that they would like to observe more closely. When children's bowls/containers are full, have them arrange the items on the table. In the centre of the table, deposit magnifying glasses, tweezers, and paintbrushes. Children will enjoy using these tools to clean and explore their findings.


Playing in the mud
Set a large container filled with mud in your science corner. Use it to provide children with the opportunity to explore different textures. When the mud begins to dry out, let children add a small amount of water to the container. If the mud is too wet, help children find a solution to the problem. Add empty yogurt containers, plastic spoons and forks, and small accessories normally used in your sandbox. Some children may not like getting their hands dirty. Provide gloves they can wear. They will be able to feel the different textures through the gloves and may even be tempted to take the gloves off after a while.


Set up a birdwatching station in front of one of your daycare windows. You will need binoculars that children can use to observe the birds that fly by your window. Provide books and posters children can use to identify the different birds they see.


Fun addition: Offer a CD player and earphones and play a variety of bird sounds.


Caroline Allard
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