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Checklist for quality daycare services

Ideas for transition periods, routines, and daycare organization or simple tricks to make your days easier.


The following should be displayed on your daycare door:

  • Your group name
  • A picture of each child with his/her name
  • Your name as well as the name of your replacement/assistant

Within your daycare, display the following:

  • Typical daily schedule of activities
  • Schedule of daily activities in chronological order complete with pictograms: greeting period, snack, circle time, activities, outdoor activities, lunch, brushing teeth, nap, free play, and departure
  • In a daycare window, the weekly schedule as well as the activities that are to be presented by your assistant
  • Daily summary/report on a whiteboard
  • An area where any messages for parents can be written or left
  • On a cupboard, a list of all allergies
  • A calendar that clearly shows the day, month, and season as well as the weather (optional)
  • A task chart
  • All corners, areas, and workshops should be identified with pictures and their name whereas, within each area, shelves and bins should be identified with pictures (role play area, kitchen area, building blocks area, manipulation corner, and circle time area)
  • Pictograms representing various emotions at children's eye level: happy, sad, angry, etc.
  • Nametags on each child's cubbyhole, naptime mattress, etc.
  • Labelled naptime containers can be used to occupy children before and after their nap.


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