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We all know little ones love playing with magnets.

They enjoy placing them on the fridge and rearranging them over and over again.

Why not vary the surfaces on which they play with magnets?


You will need:

  • Large magnets (safe sizes)
  • Cookie sheets (sold at Dollar stores)

Magnets adhere very well to cookie sheets. One advantage of cookie sheets is that they are transportable. They can be used to play on the floor or on a table. We have even set cookie sheets on the wall with large coloured tape. Babies loved playing on the wall. You most likely have magnetized construction games on hand. Be sure to include them in this activity. When you are done, simply store all the pieces in a large box or container.



When you go for a walk with your group, have them search for surfaces their magnets will adhere to. A street sign, your stroller, swings at the playground, items in your backyard, etc... This experiment will interest older children.



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