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The welcome board

Your daycare entrance must be inviting and convivial for both parents and children to help children develop a sense of belonging to their group, but also to their everyday environment. A welcome board can represent an interesting tool.


It can be used to identify the children who are present each day. Have children display their picture on the board with help from a parent as they arrive or, if you prefer, have children add their picture to the board as part of your circle time activities. You may decorate your welcome board to reflect the different seasons, the name of your group, or the themes you choose to explore throughout the year.


The welcome board can be used to decorate your daycare door, a wall located within your daycare entrance, or another hard to miss and accessible area. Many early childhood educators find changing the pictures on a daily basis too demanding. It is also possible to simply leave the pictures on the board at all times to identify the children in your group. Children will love to help you decorate the board for different circumstances (birthdays, themes, etc.).


Don't forget to write each child's name under his/her picture. This will be very helpful for someone who must act as your replacement. He/she will greatly appreciate the presence of your welcome board.

Caroline Allard
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