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An alternative to black chalkboards

I have found an alternative to black chalkboards and large sheets of paper on a wall.


I purchased a sheet of clear plastic normally used to cover tabletops or tablecloths. This material is sold by the metre (yard) in fabric stores.


I used adhesive putty to secure it on a wall (large pieces of adhesive putty all the way around the edge of the plastic sheet) and create a clear board that can easily be washed off using a piece of cloth as well as removed or even moved around.


The results of my experiments:

  • I used erasable markers.

In my opinion, these markers can only be used with young children who are not tempted to put everything in their mouth. Otherwise, children must be given their pacifier and supervised closely!

  • Regular Crayola markers do not work very well on this surface.
  • Paint works very well.

Other ideas that I haven't tried yet:

  • Window markers.
  • Jell-O powder mixed with a small quantity of water.
  • Water in a spray bottle and pieces of clear paper (cellophane) that will stick to the wet surface.
  • Cellophane paper can also be stuck directly on a window to simplify the cleanup process.

Enjoy exploring this alternative with your group!



Chantal Millette
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