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When furniture takes on a new role-Tables

There is at least one thing that is present in all areas of our daycare: furniture! At the very least, we all have tables, chairs, and storage cabinets.


This time around, let's explore different ways to make use of the tables you have in your daycare.




Simply drape a bed sheet or a blanket over a table to breathe new life into it. Here are a few ideas:

  • A white bed sheet: the table becomes an igloo.
  • A red bed sheet: the table becomes a house that's on fire that needs to be saved by little firemen.
  • A blue bed sheet: the table becomes an underwater house or even a submarine.
  • A green bed sheet: the table becomes a hideout deep in the forest.
  • A yellow bed sheet: the table becomes a beach where children can sunbathe and play in the sun.
  • A beige bed sheet: the table becomes a log cabin in the woods.
  • A pink bed sheet: the table becomes a castle for princes and princesses.
  • Your multicoloured parachute: the table becomes a circus tent.
  • A large piece of tulle: the table becomes a screen house perfect for a bug-free picnic.
  • Different types of blankets: the table becomes a hideout, the perfect place to eat a snack or to sleep during naptime.
  • A large bedspread: the table becomes a dark cave.
  • Large square foam puzzle pieces: the table becomes a multicoloured house with several doors.
  • A blanket or large garbage bag cut into strips: the table becomes a tunnel that can be used for obstacle races.
  • Provide several different types of blankets and let children use their imagination. Their countless ideas will surprise you!
  • Stick pictures or illustrations under a table to create a unique picture book, an original way to explore items related to the theme.
  • Hang tiny Christmas lights or provide flashlights children can use to see in your new hideouts.


What if a table is turned upside down?

  • With a blue bed sheet on the floor: the table becomes a boat. Provide swimming pool noodles that children can use as oars.
  • With a white bed sheet on the floor: the table becomes a sled, a bobsled, or a toboggan.
  • With a beige bed sheet on the floor: the table becomes a Jeep or an ATV.
  • Two or more tables tied together become a train.
  • Set a few tables upside down before children arrive in the morning and watch them use their imagination to invent a variety of games.


What if a table is set on its side?

  • With crumpled balls of paper or foam balls, the table becomes a wall that can protect children against enemy attacks.
  • Hang large pieces of paper on it: the table becomes an easel children can use for painting in a seated position or even with their feet.
  • A table set on its side can represent the wall of a playhouse.
  • The table can become a prison for villains or even a cage for animals.
  • The table can be used to delimit a specific space or to divide a playing area.
  • The table can represent an imaginary barrier/fence to separate two playhouse "yards"


Children's imagination has no limits! They will surely have many ideas and suggestions to share. Listen to them and, unless safety is an issue, indulge them. They will surely have plenty of fun!


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