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Learning to recognize workshops

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help children recognize and enjoy the various workshops present within your daycare.


My favorite workshop
To help children recognize the different workshops, have them sit in a circle. One at a time, invite them to go get an object from their favorite workshop and present it to the rest of the group. Deposit the objects in the centre of the circle. Once all the children have chosen an object, hold the objects up one at a time and ask children to identify the workshop each one belongs in. For example, if a child chose a doll, help the group recognize that it belongs in the role play area since it is used for pretend play.


I spy
Gather children in a specific workshop. Show them an object that belongs in this workshop and ask them to turn around while you hide it. The object must be visible so that children aren't required to move things around to find it. When you give them the signal, children must try to spot the object, with their hands in their back or on their head. As soon as they see it, they must simply sit down next to you. Once all the children have spotted the object, start over again in another workshop. This will help children notice the items that are present in each workshop.


What's wrong with this picture?
Have children walk around the daycare for a few minutes and encourage them to notice where and how things are placed. Have them leave the room or close their eyes while you move items around. For example, you can move a chair to a different location, hide a lamp, hang a picture upside down, etc. Invite children to identify the changes you made. At the end of the activity, ask children to help you put everything back in the right place.


All aboard the workshop train!
Have children stand single file behind you, holding the waist of the person in front of them to form a train. With your group, make "tchoo tchoo" sounds as you depart from an imaginary train station. Make a stop at each workshop, inviting children to play in it for a few minutes before taking off again to visit the next workshop. This activity will encourage children to play in the different workshops and explore materials and toys they may not normally be attracted to.


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