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Lighting and luminosity in a daycare setting

Everyone knows that lighting and luminosity are very important! They play a vital role not only in terms of your daycare setup, but also when it comes to your well-being. In order to make sure that you have adequate lighting throughout the day, make sure you have several different light sources such as windows, overhead lighting, night lights, etc.


Of course, you must never ignore the safety aspect of your light sources or make it possible for children to reach lights, electrical cords, or outlets (use electrical outlet covers, etc.). Ideally, you should take advantage of as much natural light as possible. However, natural light is not always available in daycares. If you must opt for artificial lighting, choose halogen lighting (white) over incandescent light sources that have a yellowish color. Note that fluorescent bulbs and neon lighting are halogen sources.


Avoid using colourful overhead lighting or light fixtures as your main source of lighting. Although they can be very appealing for the eyes since they come in several adorable shapes (flower, sun, cloud, moon, etc.), they do not represent good light sources. However, they can be used in your naptime area. It is also important to mention that colourful overhead lighting and lamp shades diffuse color along with light. Often, the color makes a room seem darker. What's more, their color can visually modify the color of items present within your daycare.


In short:

  • Make sure you have several light sources: one main light source and several alternative light sources.
  • Choose halogen lighting.
  • When possible, install dimmers so you can easily modify the level of lighting to suit your needs throughout the day.

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