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Red and green

Activities for toddlers and babies




Red and green up above
Hang red and green Christmas lights from your daycare ceiling.




Color palette
Collect several paint sample cards containing several shades of red and green from your local hardware store. Laminate them and use a metal ring to link them together. During diaper changes, let babies and toddlers explore the colourful cards. Name the colors.


SENSORY ACTIVITIES (look and hear)


Discovery bottles
Insert a variety of green and red items in clear plastic water bottles. Children will love to manipulate the bottles and admire their contents.




Paper bin
Fill a large container with different types of red and green paper. Offer different textures by including tissue paper, corrugated paperboard, construction paper, etc. Let babies and toddlers explore the paper, crumple it, and tear it. After a while, offer plastic containers children can fill and empty over and over again. You may also hang a piece of adhesive paper on a wall and encourage children to stick tiny pieces of paper on it.




Hang a large piece of paper on a wall. Deposit red and green crayons on the floor, in front of it. Let babies and toddlers explore the crayons on the paper. Depending on the ages of the children in your group, offer waxed crayons and/or markers.


Jell-O paint
Mix red or green Jell-O powder with a small quantity of water to create a granular texture. Deposit a small amount of this mixture on a sheet of waxed paper for each child. Let babies and toddlers explore the scent, texture, and taste (depending on their age).


Stained glass window
For this activity, you will need clear red and green paper (much like cellophane paper, sold in rolls), a spray bottle, and a window or mirror. Spray water on the window or mirror and let babies and toddlers stick pieces of red and green paper on the wet surface. They will easily stick on the window or mirror.




Red and green socks day
Plan a fun day and invite parents to put a green sock on one of their child's feet and a red sock on his/her other foot. Throughout the day, have fun observing children's feet and naming the colors.




Color combinations
Introduce the children in your group to color combinations. Show them how mixing blue and yellow creates green.


Here are a few ideas:

  • Pour a fine layer of blue paint in a dish and pour a fine layer of yellow paint on top. Let toddlers mix the two colors with a Popsicle stick to see the paint turn green.
  • Add a few drops of blue and yellow food coloring to water bottles. Secure the caps on the bottles and let children shake them to see the water turn green.
  • Deposit a small amount of blue and yellow paint in a paper plate. Let children mix the colors and then paint with the green paint they created. Let dry and hang the plates from the ceiling.



Party streamer dance
Purchase rolls of red and green party streamers. Cut pieces of different lengths and give them to the children in your group. To the sound of music, encourage children to dance while waving the streamers in the air.




Picture balloons
Hang green and red balloons from the ceiling in your daycare. Stick an illustration on each balloon. Have children lie on their backs under the balloons so they can admire the illustrations. Name the illustrated items and the colors.

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