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Why is your daycare setup and décor so important?


Did you know that certain colors can influence a child's behaviour positively or negatively? Did you know that the materials used within your daycare can impact your physical health? Did you know that several "bad behaviours" are directly related to flaws related to your daycare setup?


At first glance, many people may think their daycare setup and décor are of little importance and may even consider them to be superficial details. However, studies recognize that the environment in which we live has enormous effects on us. It can affect our temperament, our mood, and sometimes even a child's development in a daycare setting.


The setup of daycare space must be adapted to the ages of the children as well as their developmental level in order to foster every sphere of their development. Among other things, we must consider the material that is available and make sure that it can safely be manipulated by children.


Sometimes, a few simple questions suffice to evaluate your daycare setup. How do I feel when I enter the daycare? What is the general atmosphere? What are my daycare setup's strengths and weaknesses? What could I change to positively influence the development of the children who attend my daycare?


With children of different ages
Home-based daycares that welcome children of different ages must pay extra close attention to their daycare setup. It is much more difficult to adapt a daycare setup for different age groups. Careful evaluation is necessary to find solutions that fulfill the needs of the entire group.


The early childhood educator
Since, as an early childhood educator, you also spend several hours within the daycare each week, there are basic setup rules that must be followed for your own well-being too. Pay close attention to tools that could help you complete your tasks more efficiently within your daycare environment. Take a step back and find ways to improve how you find your place in this environment created for little ones.


I challenge you to unite functionality, well-being, safety, hygiene, and a décor that is appealing to the eye within your daycare environment. These are the main criteria to consider when rearranging or creating a daycare setup and décor. It is a huge challenge, but one that can be overcome with the right tricks.


Don't miss my upcoming articles that will provide a variety of tips and tricks to help you create the ideal daycare setup and décor.


Annick Dufresne
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