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Purple in a daycare setting

In general, purple is associated with magic, imagination, and spirituality. It can also be linked to romance, wisdom, and creativity.


Of course, these principles represent generalities. First of all, it's important to mention that not all forms of purple have these properties. For example, violets that have strong reddish undertones possess many qualities associated with red.


In daycares
Since, among other things, they facilitate rest, different shades of purple are often used in daycare settings. Lilac hues are soft and calm, two characteristics that are interesting in terms of a décor designed for children. The use of violet (with blue undertones) in a nursery or in a space used for napping is perfectly appropriate.


I recommend the use of purples with blue undertones above those with reddish undertones in daycares. I also prefer the use of lighter shades of purple.


What to mix and match with purple
To harmoniously mix and match purple with other colors, it can be used with its complimentary color: yellow. The effect is much prettier and softer on the eyes when the colors used are lighter instead of darker. This is true for both purple and yellow.


Another possibility would be to adopt a color that is located next to purple on the color wheel, such as a bluish purple or blue. Once again, I recommend pastel or very light colors.


What must be avoided
In general, mixing purple with dark or intense colors such as brown, dark green, and red is not recommended. Since purple, even on its own, is quite intense, it is best to accompany it with a softer color that is not visually cumbersome.

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