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How to make your daycare seem bigger

Here are a few tricks you can try to make your daycare seem bigger. The best trick to make any room seem bigger is to carefully choose the paint color used on the walls.

  • The walls must be light. Think of white, off-white, pastel colors, etc. Dark colors make rooms seem smaller.
  • Use cool colors as opposed to warmer colors. Warmer colors can shrink a room while cooler colors can create a feeling of openness. Light blue, light green, or white paint is ideal.
  • It is best to use very few colors. The more colors you use within a single room, the smaller it will seem to be.
  • Important: The ceiling must also be very light. You may use a glossy paint for the ceiling as opposed to a matte finish. Doing so will reflect light and create height.
  • Finally, avoid cluttering the space with unnecessary decorations or oversized lighting.

Furthermore, painting lines on your walls can also make a room feel bigger. In certain cases, when a room is narrower on one side, drawing horizontal lines on the narrowest wall can make it seem larger. You can use two shades of the same color to create these lines, but you can also use shelves or simply arrange furniture horizontally. Avoid vertical lines that would inevitably make your daycare seem smaller.


Furniture items should not be too large or too tall in order to make it easier for them to "melt" into your walls. Select storage furniture with doors. Shelving units that leave toys and items out for everyone to see can lead to visual clutter.


Eliminate unused toys and items to clear as much floor space as possible. In small rooms, I generally don't recommend the use of large designs or patterns (wallpaper, rugs, fabric, etc.). Instead, choose items of a single color. Avoid scattering crafts and posters on all the walls. Display them all in a specific area. A few picture frames arranged horizontally and/or a rope (hung vertically for safety reasons) can be used to show off artwork in this zone.


You may be worried that these tips and tricks will lead to a bland daycare décor. Rest assured, it is possible to create simple, joyful spaces that are perfectly adapted to children while respecting the tips listed here. Keep in mind that toys, accessories, storage furniture, and bins present within your daycare are high in color and will suffice to create a vibrant atmosphere. It is much easier to add colourful accessories than it is to change the color of your walls!


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