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Renovations: Choosing the right materials and finishes

If you are planning on undertaking renovations in your daycare in the upcoming weeks or months, the following chart lists materials and finishes that are recommended and others that must be avoided whenever possible due to their ease of care (C), soundproofing capacity (N), or safety reasons (S).


Recommended To be avoided



  • Smooth, washable materials
  • Paint with a velvety, glossy, or semi-glossy finish (C) • Stucco
  • Wallpaper (without a glossy/vinyl finish)
  • Matte finish paint
  • Very light or very dark colors (C)


  • Smooth materials, but not too slippery, soft coverings: linoleum, vinyl, marmoleum
  • Wood is also an excellent choice if small mats or rugs are used in play areas (N, S) • Hard materials: ceramic, concrete, terrazzo, stone (S)
  • Rough materials: carpeting (C, S)


  • Skid-proof materials: carpeting/rubber (S) • Slippery materials: wood, ceramic, floating floors, stone


  • Acoustic tiles (N)
  • Paint with a velvety or glossy finish • Stucco (C)
  • Matte finish paint (especially if you plan on repeatedly sticking and removing decorations (C)
  • Fabric/padded (C or S)


  • Smooth materials: wood, melamine, heavy plastic (C)
  • Rounded corners and edges (S)
  • Fabric furniture with covers (C)
  • Very light or very dark colors (C)
  • Poor quality plastic (S)
  • Metals, glass, and mirrors (S)
  • Fabric items without covers (C)

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