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Safety in a daycare setting

Of course, safety should be a priority when you are planning or reorganizing your daycare setup. Whether you will be opening your daycare shortly or have been an early childhood educator for many years, here are a few important reminders:

  • Stairs: Steps should be slip-resistant, vertical risers should be closed, railings should be at children's level, and balusters should comply with the law (less than 6 cm between each one). A non-removable gate should also be installed at the top of the stairs.
  • Windows: Beware of blind cords (strangulation hazard) and curtains that are too long and therefore hang too close to a heat source.
  • Safety devices: Use them everywhere! They should be present on door handles, electrical outlets, cupboards, drawers, etc. Don't forget to use adhesive cord covers that keep electrical wires away from little hands.
  • Medicine: All types of medicine should be kept in a specific cabinet, out of children's reach. Avoid locking your medicine cabinet for quick access.
  • Toxic products and cleaning products: Keep them in a locked closet or cupboard at all times.
  • Fire: Install one or several smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher. Prepare and practice your evacuation plan. Use protection devices designed for electric baseboard heaters to avoid tiny objects being inserted and causing a fire.
  • Furniture: Purchase sturdy items and secure them against a wall if they are heavy and/or tall. Corners should be rounded or covered with protectors.
  • Hanging items: Use adhesive putty instead of nails and thumbtacks to hang pictures and/or decorations. Double-sided tape can also be used to keep items from falling down.
  • Plants: Be sure that no toxic plants are present.
  • Other decorations: Avoid trinkets and other useless decorative items within your daycare. Use only unbreakable mirrors. Avoid hanging heavy items from the ceiling (they could harm a child if they fall).


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