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How your daycare setup impacts your physical health

Since many early childhood educators get hurt while performing their daily tasks, raising awareness about the impacts your daycare environment can have on your physical health is very important. Have you ever thought about how many times you are required to lean forward or lift a child throughout the course of the day? Have fun counting them, the result may surprise you. Pay attention to your body and the signs it may be sending. Here are a few tricks to help you adapt your environment to your needs and actions.


Noise represents a major problem in daycares. Try to limit the level of noise that is present within your daycare. You can, for example, stick adhesive felt under chair legs or slide cut tennis balls over them. Deposit foam mats in noisy play areas or choose soft flooring to limit noise from dropped toys and objects. You can also use furniture to divide your daycare. Open areas are much noisier.


To limit the number of times you have to lift a child throughout the day, purchase a portable stepping stool. Children can use it, for example, to climb onto your changing table. You can also place your changing table so that it is facing your main play area. Doing so will mean you won't have to turn around as often to check on the other children. Furthermore, don't underestimate the importance of having all necessary material within reach during diaper changes. Purchase smaller toy bins; they will be lighter than oversized toy chests. Set any furniture items that need to be moved around regularly on wheels to avoid having to use force. Finally, organize your space so that children can actively participate when it's time to clean up. This will help them develop their autonomy, but also give your back and muscles a well-deserved break.


Comfort and ergonomics
One essential element: always use a chair that is perfectly adapted to your height and body. Avoid sitting on chairs designed for children. Purchase a special chair (such as a Ray-Lax chair) to use whenever you must sit on the floor with your group.

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