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Outdoor setup of a home-based daycare

In the heart of summer, you have the opportunity to spend many hours outside with the children under your care. This is a good thing! However, you may sometimes run out of ideas and wonder how to organize your yard for optimal fun.


Let me begin by saying that there is no need to search very far and there is no need to purchase expensive playground equipment. The secret to hours of outdoor fun is simple: organize your yard the same way you organize your daycare. Offering outdoor workshops can represent an ingenious solution.


The presence of natural obstacles (trees, bushes, changes in ground level, etc.) in your yard can work in your favor. Put them to good use and make them a part of your everyday explorations.


You don't have to reproduce every corner or workshop available indoors in your yard. Select the ones that are most popular among the children of your group and offer them outside. For example, you may choose to bring a few thematic bins outside. This is a great way to make use of older bins and you won't have to worry about the contents getting damaged. Since garage sales are common during summer months, don't hesitate to purchase a few slightly used items that can be left outdoors such as a small kitchen, a workbench, an easel, etc.


The same way you set up your indoor play area, divide your yard into corners, sorting toys by theme or use:

  • A role play area: small kitchen, costumes, dolls, etc.
  • A motor skills area: bikes, balls, hula hoops, tunnels, etc.
  • An arts & crafts area: easel, chalk, water-based paint, etc.
  • A science area: water table, sandbox, garden, insect and birdwatching tools, etc.

Don't forget to offer a shaded area where children can hide from the sun on hot days. Hang large blankets high above ground to create shade or use them to build hideouts.


In another area, set up a kiddie pool, a summer must-have with children! Let children play with spray bottles, watering cans, etc.


Finally, don't forget storage space so that you don't have to bring everything inside at the end of the day (garden shed, large plastic containers, under a stairway, etc.). We sometimes forget that storage needs are present outside too!


These simple tricks will make your summer even better for you and your group!

Annick Dufresne
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