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Organizing and decorating a reading corner

What must a reading corner contain? First of all, in most home-based daycares, the reading corner also represents a relaxation area. Since reading and relaxing go hand in hand, this is a great combination. In this type of corner, I suggest aiming for a "cocooning" atmosphere. To help children relax when they spend time in it, your reading corner must be comfortable. There are many options for creating an area that is sure to offer a relaxing environment. Among other things, you can select an isolated corner, for example under a staircase, inside a closet (with removed doors), etc.


Here is a list of items that can be added to your reading corner:

  • Mats or rugs on the floor.
  • Comfortable cushions.
  • Bean bag chairs, rocking chairs, or other types of comfortable chairs.
  • A small "roof" over your area (draped curtain or fabric, canopy, etc.).
  • Books and photo albums.
  • Calm games that can be played individually.
  • Games involving letters and numbers (for example magnetic letters that can be arranged on a board).
  • A table lamp that children can safely turn on and off or adjust its intensity.

Furthermore, you may add simple shelves that can be used to display favorite books. You can also make photocopies of pretty cover pages, frame them, and hang them on a wall within your area. If you wish, you can change these decorative items according to the season or the themes you choose to explore with your group.


Finally, be sure to choose calm, soft colors when painting the walls in your reading corner.


Annick Dufresne
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