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Let's celebrate this week! I have collected several ideas that remind me of celebrations to create a fiesta theme for young children!



Helium balloons
Have several balloons filled with helium and set them here and there within your daycare. Attach different lengths of ribbon to each balloon. As children arrive, let them discover the balloons and stretch to try to catch the ribbons (constant supervision required). Encourage them to observe the balloons as they float up and down. At the end of the activity, make sure the ribbons are no longer accessible for little hands. You can however repeat the activity several times throughout the week. Children will appreciate it every time!



Shake, shake, shake
Using pieces of string (not too long), hang musical rattles from your daycare buggy before going for walks. Hand these little maracas to babies and toddlers and invite them to shake them to create a symphony of sounds. The people in your neighbourhood will enjoy watching (and hearing) you go by.


Lunchtime smiles
Celebrations can also make their way into children's plates. To prepare a special lunch, spread cream cheese on a tortilla for each child. Use different food items to create a happy face. For example, you can use cucumber slices to represent eyes, shredded lettuce for hair, a cut piece of cheese for a nose, and a slice of red pepper for the mouth.



Musical fiesta
Of course, music is often associated to parties and celebrations. Fill a large container with musical instruments and bring it outside. Let children explore the contents of the bin and create a variety of sounds.



Ask older children (or one or two adults) to blow thousands of soap bubbles for your group. Young children love watching bubbles float away and trying to catch them.



Use a hole-punch and colourful paper to make confetti. Have fun tossing the confetti up in the air and letting it fall onto a large piece of adhesive paper on the floor. The confetti will stick to the adhesive paper. At the end of the activity, set another piece of adhesive paper on top of the confetti and display your unique artwork in a window or on a wall.



Candy parade
Paint the tip of each child's nose, place a party hat on their head, and provide musical instruments. Have fun parading around the daycare with your group. If you wish, visit another group and hand out candy pieces.


A colourful day
A fiesta normally involves bright colors. Organize a colourful day for your group and invite parents to dress their children in vibrant colors for the occasion.



Colourful fruit
Here is an idea for a healthy and colourful dessert with just a touch of sweetness. Prepare a colourful fruit platter. Name the colors for the children in your group. You may include red strawberries, orange tangerines, green grapes (cut into pieces), etc. Give each toddler a bowl filled with a dollop of whipped cream. Let them dip fruit pieces in the whipped cream before eating them.



Beach party
Purchase inflatable pool toys and accessories: one or two rings, a dolphin, a mattress, and balls. Let babies and toddlers manipulate them (with supervision).


Party streamer dance
Purchase rolls of colourful party streamers. Cut different lengths of party streamers and encourage children to wave them to the sound of music.



Party pictures in a gift box
Print pictures and illustrations of items that remind you of parties and celebrations: balloons, streamers, gifts, smiles, etc. Deposit the pictures in a gift box and wrap it with festive paper. Let babies and toddlers unwrap the box and discover the pictures and illustrations. Name each item.

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