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Winning trios

A simple decorating principle is known as 60/30/10. According to this principle, we must select 3 dominant colors for our décor and distribute them as such: 60% of one color (main color), 30% of another color (secondary color), and 10% of a third color (accent color). Thus, you could choose to paint 3 walls using the main color, use the secondary color for the remaining wall, and purchase furniture items and accessories in the accent color.


To make choosing colors easier for you, you can refer to the chromatic circle (basic decorating tool) or follow the trends announced by the larger paint companies (Sico, Benjamin Moore, etc.).


Here are a few color combinations that are common in daycare settings, mainly because of the properties associated to each color.


1st winning trio: Light lime green/White (cream color)/Fuchsia
2nd winning trio: Light blue/Apple green/Tangerine
3rd winning trio: Medium aqua/White (cream color)/Red
4th winning trio: Light yellow/Blue/Lime green

Happy decorating!


Annick Dufresne
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