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A few ideas that will make exploring pictures, illustrations found in books, posters and the educatall club's picture games fun for little ones.


Our group in pictures
Decorate a large piece of cardboard with your group and glue a picture of each child on it. You can, for example, draw a large cloud and use string to hang the pictures below it to represent raindrops.



Searching for fruit
In the educatall club, use the search engine to find pictures of different types of fruit. Print the pictures that correspond to the fruits you will be serving at snack time throughout the week. Use adhesive paper to stick the pictures on the table. At snack time, invite babies and toddlers to identify the picture that corresponds to the fruit they are eating.



Pictures and flashlights
Use adhesive paper to stick a variety of pictures and illustrations under a table. Drape a large blanket over the table. Provide flashlights that children can safely manipulate and invite them to admire the pictures under the table.


Ceiling decoration
Purchase a large poster that is sure to attract the children in your group. Stick it on the ceiling where children are sure to notice it. For example, you may choose to display it over your changing table or over a play mat. Let children discover this new addition to your décor on their own.



Pictures from home
Ask parents to find pictures or illustrations they feel will interest their child: pictures from magazines, found on cereal boxes, or pictures of family members. Hang a large piece of paper on a wall and glue the pictures and illustrations you have collected on it with your group. Admire your original collage when you are done.



Where is this person?
Take pictures of all daycare personnel: cook, director, early childhood educators, etc. Print the pictures and use them to help children recognize the people they see each day. If, for example, you need to bring something to the kitchen, show children a picture of the cook and tell them you are going to see him/her. Take the picture with you and encourage children to identify the correct person. This will help children develop their autonomy as well as their social skills.



Look and find
Take pictures of several toys children really enjoy. Print the pictures and set them on the floor. Arrange the photographed toys next to the pictures. Invite babies and toddlers to find the picture that corresponds to each toy.



Surprise bags
This activity will encourage young children to move around. Fill a few gift bags with a variety of items that contain pictures or illustrations. For example, you may add books, pictures, or magazines to the bags. Set the bags on the floor throughout your daycare and encourage babies and toddlers to go from one bag to the next to discover the contents of the bags.



Animal noises
Print pictures of different animals (see educatall club). Laminate them and display them next to your changing table. Have fun making the corresponding animal sounds with the children in your group during diaper changes.


Illustrated hide-and-seek
Print several different pictures or illustrations and laminate them. Have fun hiding them throughout your daycare: in children's shoes, between the pages of books, in a toy chest, etc. Let babies and toddlers discover them during the day. Every time a child finds a picture or illustration, name the items and use them to spark small conversations about various subjects.

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