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A homemade hunt and seek game

What would you say if I told you it was possible to create a hunt and seek game using items you already have around your home or in your daycare?


I must admit that I stole this idea from a baby shower I attended. I simply adapted it for early childhood educators (and parents) who must find ways to entertain young children on rainy days.


I created a version for younger children as well as one for older children to guarantee the activity will be challenging for all. We have even played this game among adults and had a lot of fun!


You will need the following items:

  • Large clear plastic bottle
  • Toy car
  • Ball
  • Pacifier
  • Spoon
  • Lego building block
  • Fork
  • Plastic figurine
  • Puzzle piece
  • Crayon
  • Pair of scissors
  • Square pieces of fabric
  • Zip-up footed one-piece (or an opaque fabric bag)
  • A picture of each of these items (Open homemade hunt and seek game) Print.

How to prepare your game:

  1. Cut the top off the bottle. The opening must be large enough to make inserting the objects possible. As you can see in the picture, I used a smaller bottle and space was limited.
  2. Arrange the square pieces of fabric inside the bottle in no particular order. The fabric will be used to conceal the items. Add the items.
  3. Use adhesive tape to stick the top of the bottle back in place.

How to use your game:

Give a child a picture and name the item together. Next, move the bottle in every direction in order to find the corresponding object. Once you have found the object, pick another card and start all over again.


A version for older children:

  1. Insert the objects in a footed one-piece zip-up.
  2. Encourage children to manipulate the one-piece.
  3. The object of the game is to successfully name the items hidden inside the one-piece, without seeing them.
  4. The child who identifies the most objects in a predetermined period of time wins the game.

Note: The objects may vary. Simply use the items you have on hand.

Maude Dubé
Specialized child educator



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