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Halloween - NEW 2023

Every little witch, ghost, and monster will find fun in this theme which includes endless role play, music, and craft ideas...

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Group identification-FoxesThis special tool was created in response to a special request received. (Open group identification-Foxes) Print and display in a specific location or in your circle time area.



Halloween surprises

To begin each day, hide Halloween-themed surprises in a basket and set it in a corner of your daycare. The basket mustn’t be completely hidden. However, finding it should represent a challenge for your group. Once the basket has been located, photograph the daily surprise and immediately print the picture. Use the pictures to create a special Halloween wall that will inspire children to share their findings with their parents. Wear a special Halloween hat to greet children. Name a different child who will be the “Halloween Star of the Day” every morning during circle time. Grant this child privileges throughout the day.


Poni discovers and presents-PumpkinsHalloween Surprise Box

Before children arrive, insert ribbons, yarn, orange, purple, and black balloons, party horns, and Halloween pennants in a large box. Seal the box with heavy tape. Using a black marker, draw question marks all over the box. If you wish, draw Halloween-related items too. To introduce your theme, find an accomplice who will deliver the box to your home or daycare. When your accomplice rings the doorbell or knocks on the door, encourage your group to accompany you so the box can be handed to them directly. Let them manipulate the box and invite them to guess its contents. After a while, open the box together so they can discover their Halloween surprise. They may use the items to create a special Halloween garland that can be hung near your daycare entrance.


picture game-Halloween 2023Halloween souvenirs

If you have a toy camera (or an old camera), let children use it to take pictures throughout the week. At the end of the week, print the pictures and use them to create a Halloween mural. Add pumpkins, witches, ghosts and bats. If you prefer, use the pictures to create a computer montage that you can email to families.


NEW! Flipogram-Halloween

(Open picture game-Halloween) Print and laminate the pictures in the format you prefer. Use a hole-punch to make a hole in the upper right and left corner of each picture. Stack the pictures and insert a ring through each set of holes. The flipogram is easy to manipulate. Simply show children how they can lift a picture and flip it under the stack. Name each item with your group. Use the flipogram to encourage children to talk during circle time and to ask them questions about the theme.


Poni discovers and presents-Halloweenpicture game-Halloween 2023-2
(Open Poni discovers and presents-Halloween) Print the cards. Laminate them and cut them out. Use a Poni puppet or another puppet children are familiar with to present the pictures to your group.


Educa-circle time-Halloween
(Open educa-circle time-Halloween) Print the questions and the giant word flashcards. Laminate them. Deposit the questions in a box and spread the word flashcards out on a table, in front of your group. Also print the "It's my turn" card. Laminate it and glue a Popsicle stick behind it. This card will help children respect the child whose turn it is to speak. You may also use a puppet or stuffed animal related to the theme. The questions will help children develop observational skills, their vocabulary, etc. This tool will help you lead circle time discussions with children of all ages while exploring your theme.

Point to or name the following items
(Open giant word flashcards-Halloween) Print, laminate, and display the word flashcards on a wall in your circle time area or on a large cardboard that can be moved around. Children take turns identifying words.


picture game-Halloween 2023-3Circle time is a very important part of the day. Make sure it represents a group activity, a discussion period, a transition, a calm period, and the period used to introduce the theme of the week or day. One suggestion for the Halloween theme is to display drawings of costumes children plan to wear for trick or treating. One at a time, throughout the week, they can present their drawing to the group.


Suggested circle time questions:

  • What is Halloween?
  • What is special about Halloween?
  • What are you afraid of (the dark, monsters, insects, etc.)?
  • What will you dress up as for trick or treating?
  • What is a witch? A ghost? A monster?
  • What does Halloween remind you of?
  • Which type of candy is your favorite?
  • Is there a kind of candy that you don't like?


Several Halloween thematic letters are available in the educatall club. Print them and set the stage to introduce the letters to your group. Each day, place a letter in a special envelope and hide it within the daycare. When children find the letter, read it to them and complete the suggested activities with them.


(Open educ-chat-Halloween) (Open giant word flashcards-Halloween) Educ-chat is a game which includes several illustrations representing subjects, verbs, and predicates. Use it to help children make complete sentences and add to their vocabulary. Print, cut out, and laminate the cards. Make three piles (subjects, verbs, and predicates). Have children pick three cards, one from each pile, and "read" the sentence. The sentences will sometimes be quite silly, that is what makes this activity so fun! You can also choose to place the cards yourself and have a child "read" the sentence.

Educa-decorate-Halloween-2023-1AREA SETUP AND DECORATIONS


Using orange tape, transform your circle time area to make it look like a large pumpkin. Provide children with Halloween stickers and have them stick them on the floor. Add orange lights and a Halloween garland you made with the group with black and orange construction paper. Hang pumpkin, witch, bat, and ghost shapes from the ceiling.


NEW! Thematic poster-Halloween 2023
(Open thematic poster-Halloween 2023) Print and use the poster to decorate your daycare and announce your theme.


Candy wreath

Cut a wreath shape out of cardboard. Have children paint candy pieces on it.


Halloween tree

Make Halloween decorations with your group. Give each child a tree branch. Have them decorate a clean, empty can. Fill it with sand to support the branch. Each child will have his/her very own Halloween tree. You may also choose to make one large collective tree using a larger branch placed in a bucket filled with sand. The branches may be painted and you can even add sparkles. Hang all the Halloween decorations children make in their tree.


Educa-decorate-Halloween-2023-2Halloween tablecloth
Purchase a paper tablecloth. Cut Halloween designs or items out of magazines and flyers. Have children glue them on the tablecloth. You will have a perfect tablecloth for your Halloween party!


Halloween garland
Cut several strips of black and orange construction paper. Link them together, alternating colors. Hang the garland from the ceiling.


Miniature ghosts
Make a ball with one Kleenex and place it in the centre of another Kleenex so it looks like a ghost head. Tie ribbon or string around the head and hang from the ceiling. Children will enjoy making several of these. These ghosts are a very simple decoration to make!


The scarecrow

Gather old clothing items (shirt, pants, shoes, hat) and stuff them with fabric or other clothing items. Use a pumpkin for a head. You can use clothing from your costume box. Sit your scarecrow on a chair, indoors or outdoors.


Join four pipe cleaners together in the centre so you have eight spider legs. Attach elastic string to the middle of the body. Children will love holding the end of the string and making up and down movements to make their spider dance!


NEW! Educa-theme-Halloween 2023

(Open educa-theme-Halloween 2023) Print and laminate the letters and illustrations that represent the theme. They can be used to present the theme to children (and their parents) while decorating an area within your daycare.


NEW! Educa-decorate-Halloween 2023

(Open educa-decorate-Halloween 2023) Print, laminate, and cut out. Use the illustrations to decorate the walls of your daycare and set the mood for the theme.


Halloween banner
(Open banner-Halloween) Print and laminate. Use the banner to decorate your daycare.


Educa-numbers-Halloween-2023NEW! Educa-numbers-Halloween 2023
(Open educa-numbers-Halloween 2023) Print and laminate the posters. Display them on a wall to decorate your daycare throughout the theme.


NEW! Educa-letters-Halloween 2023
(Open educa-letters-Halloween 2023) Print and laminate the posters. Display them on a wall to decorate your daycare throughout the theme.


Halloween paper chains
(Open Halloween string) Cut out the models. Deposit them on folded pieces of paper and cut them out, avoiding the edges. When you unfold your sheet of paper, the shapes will form a decorative chain.


NEW! Stickers-Halloween 2023

(Open stickers-Halloween 2023) Print the illustrations on adhesive paper and use them to create original stickers.



(Open pennants-Halloween) Print and let children cut out the pennants. Hang them within your daycare.


Calendar-14 days to Halloween

(Open calendar-14 days to Halloween) Print and let children color one picture per day starting two weeks before Halloween.


NEW! Menu model for Halloween

(Open menu Halloween) Print and laminate. Use a dry-erase marker to write the snacks and meal you have planned for Halloween so that parents will know what to expect.


Halloween placemats

(Open placemats-Halloween) Print for each child and have them color the placemat they prefer. Laminate children’s colored placemats and encourage them to use their placemat to learn how to set the table.


Stickers Halloween 2023NEW! Thematic activity planning-Halloween
(Open thematic activity planning-Halloween) Print and laminate. Write your planned activities directly on the document and display it.


NEW! Interactive identification cards – Halloween

(Open interactive identification cards-Hallowee) Type the name of each child on an identification card. Save and print the document. You can print it on adhesive paper and press the identification cards directly on children’s clothing or, if you prefer, you can print them on heavy paper, punch a hole at the top of each card, and thread a piece of string through. Children can wear their identification card like a necklace. The identification cards may also be used to identify children’s spaces and personal belongings.




NEW! The pictures may be used as a memory game or to spark a conversation with the group. Use them to decorate the daycare or a specific thematic corner. (Open picture game-Halloween) Print, laminate, and store in a “Ziploc” bag or in your thematic bins.


Menu model for HalloweenNEW! Memory game

(Open picture game-Halloween 2023) Print the pictures twice and use the pictures for a memory game.




(Open activity sheets-Halloween 2023) Print and follow instructions.


Educa-connect the dots-Halloween
(Open educa-connect the dots-Halloween) Print and laminate. Children must connect the dots in the correct order to reveal the drawing. They can color it when they are done.




Writing activities are suggested each week. Print for each child or laminate for use with a dry-erase marker. (Open writing activities-H like Halloween) (Open writing activities-P like pumpkin) (Open writing activities-G like ghost) (Open writing activities-C like candy)


Placemats-Halloween 2019Stationery-Halloween
(Open stationery-Halloween) Print. The stationery can be used to communicate with parents, in your writing area, or to identify your thematic bins.



(Open educa-nuudles-Halloween) Print for each child. Have children color the sheet and use Magic Nuudles to give it a three-dimensional look. Variation: You don't have Magic Nuudles? Have children fill the spaces designed for Magic Nuudles with bingo markers or stickers.To order Magic Nuudles:




Interactive identification cards-HalloweenWord flashcards-Halloween

The flashcards may be used during circle time to spark a conversation with the group or in your reading and writing area. They may also be used to identify your thematic bins. (Open word flashcards-Halloween) (Open giant word flashcards-Halloween) Halloween, candy, costume, lamp of pocket, witch, scarecrow, ghost, pumpkin, decoration, makeup, haunted house, bat


Felt board-Halloween
(Open felt board-Halloween) Print the shapes and glue them on felt. Stick four pieces of black felt on a large piece of cardboard and display it on a wall. The shapes will stick on your black felt board. Children will enjoy inventing stories and scenes.


Picture clue story-Trick or treating
(Open picture clue story-Trick or treating) Print. Sit in a circle with your group. Begin reading the story, pausing every time you reach a picture clue. Point to the picture clues and encourage children to guess the missing words.


Thematic activity planning-HalloweenNEW! Finger puppets-Halloween
(Open finger puppets-Halloween) Print and laminate the puppets and cut out the hole through which children can insert their finger. Children will enjoy creating stories and scenes with the puppets.


Sequential story-Pumpkin
(Open sequential story-Pumpkin) Print and laminate the sequential story. Have children place them in the correct order.


Ghost town scene
(Open ghost town scene) Print, laminate, and cut out. Children use the items to create scenes.


Haunted house scene
(Open haunted house scene) Print, laminate, and cut out. Children use the items to create scenes.


Activity-sheets-HalloweenROUTINES AND TRANSITIONS


Pumpkin path
(Open colourful pumpkins) Print several pumpkins and use them to create a path that leads to the areas children frequently visit throughout the day (cloakroom, bathroom, table, etc.).


Ghost path
(Open my ghost path) Print several copies and use the illustrations to create a path that leads to the areas children frequently visit throughout the day (cloakroom, bathroom, table, etc.).


Trick or treating
(Open trick or treat candy) Print the candy pieces and secure them on the floor using adhesive paper to create a path that leads to the areas children frequently visit throughout the day (cloakroom, bathroom, table, etc.). Have children walk on the candy pieces to go from one area to another.


Finger-puppets-HalloweenThis is my spot-Halloween
(Open Game-This is my spot-Halloween) Print two copies. Laminate and cut out the cards. Glue one copy of each card on the table using adhesive paper. Drop the other copies in a bag. Children take turns picking a card to determine their spot at the table for the day. You may also use the cards to determine naptime spots or for your task train.


Mrs. Witch
Dress up as a witch to serve lunch to your group and give food items silly Halloween-related names. You may also choose to play Halloween music or sounds and turn the lights off. Light a few battery-operated candles.


I sing, you sing, we sing
Take advantage of your various routines and transitions to practice your Halloween songs.


Giant word flashcards-Halloween 2022-1Pumpkin harvest

Purchase a pumpkin or two. Children take turns carrying a pumpkin from a pre-determined start line to a pre-determined finish line. This activity does not involve competition. The goal is simply for children to notice how heavy a pumpkin can be. Variation: Pick very round pumpkins and invite children to roll them to the finish line.


Colorful place cards

Paint decorative squashes using a variety of colors (use as many colors as there are children in your group). Also paint a circle corresponding to each color used at the table. Children pick a decorative squash and set it on the circle of the same color. Use this activity to determine where each child is to sit at lunch time or for an activity.


Cultivating fields

Fill large containers with dirt. Let children mix the dirt with their hands to represent the work farmers do in fields. You may also provide small shovels and rakes as well as plastic containers.


Giant word flashcards-Halloween 2022-2VARIOUS WORKSHOPS


Halloween workshops
(Open workshops-Halloween) (Open workshops-Halloween-mini) Print and display to identify your various workshops during the weeks leading up to Halloween.


Construction or building blocks:

  • Use blocks to build haunted houses.
  • Miniature decorations which can be used to decorate doll houses, your toy garage, or haunted houses built with blocks.
  • Plastic insects (especially spiders) will need many, they will be popular!
  • Hang a spider web in one corner to set the mood.
  • Deposit a hay bale in one corner. Children will love building on it! (Beware of allergies!).
  • Miniature decorative squash.
  • Use fabric on the floor or on the walls to change the setting.

Giant word flashcards-Halloween 2022-3Arts & crafts:

  • Paper and cardboard in every shade of Halloween: orange, black, purple, and green.
  • Models of cats, bats, pumpkins, witches, hats, candy...they can be cut out and used to make collages, painted, coloured, or children can add crumpled pieces of tissue paper to them.
  • Make a piñata shaped like a pumpkin and fill it with Halloween treats.
  • Recycled materials can be used to make a model ghost town.
  • Monster, robot, or other types of masks. Children will enjoy parading them in the daycare or outside.
  • Hats of all kinds made from cardboard and decorations.
  • Collages and crafts using candy! Children will surely eat some along the way, beware of allergies!
  • Confetti, foam shapes, Halloween-coloured sparkles, feathers, shiny glue, etc. They can all be used to decorate individual miniature pumpkins or one large pumpkin as part of a collective project.


Drawing:Word flashcards-Halloween 2022

  • Drawings and pictures related to the theme: cats, witches, pumpkins, costumes, etc.
  • Drawing with waxed crayons or candles.
  • Halloween stencils.

Role play:

  • Costumes, hats, jewellery, etc.
  • Makeup, either you paint their faces or you let children paint their friends' face or even their own if you provide mirrors.
  • Kitchen items such as glasses, utensils, Halloween bowls. Children will pretend to cook in a haunted kitchen.
  • A witch's cauldron and cooking utensils such as large spoons. Children can stir their concoction (dried orange, black, or white lentils are perfect!). Add a few plastic spiders just for fun!
  • Using old spice bottles, children can pretend to create witch spices using Halloween items such as miniature Stickers-Halloween 2021pumpkins, insects, or ghosts. Remember to seal the containers with hot glue.
  • Have parents bring various clothing items to the daycare to add to your costume box.
  • A puppet theatre and puppets that represent Halloween characters.
  • Old white sheets (or tulle which is better since it makes it possible for children see where they are going) to transform children into little ghosts.
  • Capes (old sheets) on which children may draw to transform them into vampire, magician or superhero capes.
  • Various accessories such as plastic or rubber fingers, oversized glasses and a plastic nose, wigs, etc.



  • Halloween memory game using educatall pictures.
  • Halloween puzzles.
  • Orange or black modeling dough and Halloween-shaped cookie cutters.Stickers Halloween 2022
  • Lotto game or other board games adapted to the ages of the children in your group.
  • Finger puppets.
  • Halloween-coloured fabric with various textures.
  • Pumpkin seeds can be used for counting and sorting into containers numbered 1 to 10.



  • Halloween books.
  • Sequential stories related to Halloween.
  • A song box with a variety of Halloween songs. Associate pictograms to the songs and display them on the wall, children will love to sing them over and over again!
  • Have parents provide pictures of children with their Halloween costumes from previous years. Use the pictures to create an album children can admire.
  • A Halloween sound CD children can enjoy with headphones.Game-Colorful-pumpkins



  • Various educatall activity sheets.
  • Game with educatall word flashcards.
  • A pumpkin for tracing.
  • Tracing Halloween words will help visualize letters.
  • Connect the dot activities with witches, pumpkins, brooms, etc.
  • Educatall hunt and seek game.
  • Find the differences between two Halloween pictures.


Motor skills:

  • An obstacle course where children must collect pumpkins along the way.
  • A treasure hunt where children search for objects that are white like ghosts, orange like pumpkins, or black like cats...this activity can be done indoors or outdoors, using pictures or real objects.
  • Toilet paper can be used to wrap children like mummies.Modeling dough activity placemats-Halloween 2023
  • A Halloween version of "Simon says", for example "Mr. Pumpkin says" or "Mrs. Witch says".
  • A chasing game where the witch attempts to catch her cat or ghost friends.
  • Obstacle course related to Halloween safety.


Sensory bins:

  • Water table with orange food coloring.
  • Bins filled with orange or black noodles, sand, or rice.
  • Witch bin (see role play).
  • Insect bin (miniature plastic insects found at dollar stores).
  • Water and cornstarch bin.
  • Bin filled with cooked noodles and a small quantity of dishwashing liquid.Educ-clothespins-Halloween-1
  • Bin filled with orange or dark purple Jell-O, it will have a special texture if lightly stirred.



  • The melting candle, manipulated by an adult. Children will observe and be fascinated!
  • Orange and black balloons can be used to test static electricity.
  • Empty a pumpkin and/or other types of squash to compare, manipulate, observe with a magnifying glass...



  • Roast pumpkin seeds.
  • Prepare candy skewers.
  • Pumpkin cookies or muffins.
  • Halloween-shaped sugar cookies.
  • Cupcakes decorated by children.
  • Marshmallow ghosts




Game-Pick a Halloween clothespin

(Open game-Colorful pumpkins) Bowling-GhostsPrint and glue each pumpkin on a clothespin. Each child picks a color and pins it on his or her sweater. Children then take turns picking additional clothespins. They must name the color before pinning it on the child who is already wearing a pumpkin of the corresponding color.


Halloween beads and pipe cleaners

Thread orange beads on green pipe cleaners. Once this is done, twist both ends of each pipe cleaner together to give it a circular shape and represent a pumpkin.


Pumpkin transportation

Set one Halloween-themed gift box at one end of your daycare. At the opposite end of your daycare, deposit a second box filled with plastic pumpkins. Show children how they can transport the pumpkins from one box to the other. Have older children use bowls to transport the pumpkins. To challenge them, have them use plates.


Halloween mystery box

Models-Halloween-DecorationsYou will need a large box with a lid. Decorate the box for Halloween. Cut large holes out of the sides of the box, big enough so that children can insert their hands. Set Halloween decorations (plastic pumpkins, foam candy shapes, plastic spiders, small stuffed animals, drinking straws, etc.) inside the box. If you prefer, you may write simple activities or privileges on orange and purple index cards and add them to your box. Encourage children to take turns pulling an item out of the box.


NEW! Modeling dough activity placemats-Halloween 2023

(Open modeling dough activity placemats-Halloween 2023) Print and laminate. Let children choose the placemat they prefer. Provide modeling dough and encourage them to use it to fill or reproduce the shapes, numbers, or letters on their placemat.



(Open educ-clothespins-Halloween) Print and laminate. Children must find and identify the correct illustration using a clothespin.


NEW! Bowling-GhostsGame-Candy count

(Open bowling-ghosts) Print and laminate. Use the stickers to create games. Create your own bowling game by pressing them on empty plastic bottles. Arrange your homemade bowling pins on a table. Children can use a tennis ball to make them fall. Give each child three tries.


Mummy lacing

Punch holes around the contour of a white Styrofoam plate for each child. Encourage children to glue eyes, a nose, and a mouth on their plate to represent a mummy face. Give each child a long piece of white string or yarn. Children thread it through the holes.

Giant homemade memory game-Halloween

You will need 12 orange paper plates to create six pairs of pumpkin faces. Arrange all the plates upside down on the floor or on a table (so that children cannot see the pumpkin faces). Children take turns turning two plates over at a time. Every time a child finds two identical pumpkin faces, he keeps them and plays again. If a child turns two pumpkin faces that don’t match, his turn is over.


It's darkGame-Pumpkin
Give children flashlights. Close the lights and curtains to make the room as dark as possible. Encourage children to walk around the daycare and observe objects with their flashlight.


Surprise house
Purchase small glow in the dark stars and moons. Glue them under a table. Cover the table with a large blanket to create a dark house. Allow children to go into the surprise house to discover the stars and moons. Repeat the activity using stickers which do not glow in the dark. Children enter the surprise house once again with a flashlight to discover the new surprise.


Pumpkin patchPumpkin family
Use small plastic or construction paper pumpkins. Hide them throughout the daycare. When you give the signal, children search for pumpkins. To ensure each child finds pumpkins, tell children to collect pumpkins one at a time.


It's raining candy!
(Open game-candy) Print and cut out enough candy to ensure each child has at least ten. Place all the candy in the centre of a large parachute or blanket. Children hold on to the edges of the parachute or blanket. On the count of three, raise the parachute. When the candy falls to the ground, children try to collect as many candy pieces as possible. Count how many each child has.


Halloween jump
(Open models-Halloween) Trace, cut out, and glue Halloween shapes on the floor. Children hop on the shapes to move around the daycare.


I am transformedPhoto booth-Halloween 2023-1
Make a magic wand by wrapping a stick with aluminum paper. Have children name Halloween items or characters. For example, a child may stand in front of you and say, "Bat." You cast a spell on him with your magic wand and the child then pretends to be a bat. If a child does not have a suggestion, take it upon yourself to transform him into a ghost, a witch, a pumpkin, etc. Keep going until all the children have been transformed. Have everyone sit down and start over again!

Imaginary costumes

Use your magic wand and ask children to imitate the character they will be dressed as for Halloween.

Spider web
Give each child a ball of yarn. Tie the ends to different items in the daycare (chairs, furniture, etc.). Children become spiders and spin a giant spider web by unravelling their ball of yarn in every direction.


I have the pumpkinPhoto booth-Halloween 2023-2
Divide your group into two teams. Each team stands on a line so they are facing the other team. Deposit a small pumpkin halfway between the two teams. Give each team member a name (spider, bat, witch, pumpkin, etc.). Make sure two children from opposite teams have the same name. When you are ready, call out one of the names, "witch" for example. The witch from each team runs to the center and tries to grab the pumpkin and bring it back to his/her team.


Pumpkin roll
You will need a small pumpkin, one that is as round as possible. Have children sit in a circle. The child holding the pumpkin must say, "Roll little pumpkin, roll to witch (or sorcerer)..." and complete the sentence with another child's name before rolling the pumpkin to him/her. If you prefer, use an orange ball.


The witch's catPhoto booth-Halloween 2022-1
Have children get down on all fours in a crawling position. Encourage them to round their back and push their buttocks back while breathing in, and then return to their starting position while breathing out. Invite them to repeat the exercise several times. This is an excellent stretching and relaxation exercise.


On my broom
Set up an obstacle course and have children complete the course while holding a broom between their legs.


Color hunt
With your group, identify items within your daycare that are white like a ghost, black like a cat, or orange like a pumpkin.


Pumpkin nosePhoto booth-Halloween 2022-2
(Open game-pumpkin) Print, laminate, and display on a wall. Like in pin the tail on the donkey, blindfold one child at a time and encourage them to try to place the pumpkin nose as close to the right spot as possible.


Halloween lacing
(Open lacing-Halloween) Print, trace onto cardboard, and cut out. Punch holes around the edge of each shape. Children enjoy lacing the shapes with yarn or a shoelace.


Pumpkin family
(Open pumpkin family) Print, cut out, and laminate. Children must assemble the pumpkins by gluing the eyes, noses, and mouths in the right places.


Who is the ghost?
Have children close their eyes. Drape a white sheet over one child. Children open their eyes and guess who the ghost is.Photo booth-Halloween 2022-3


Candy bag toss

You will need five pumpkin buckets. Line them up and draw a line on the floor, a few feet away. Have children stand on the line. Wrap bean bags with Halloween-themed wrapping paper or decorate them as you wish. The goal of the game is to toss the bean bags into the buckets. You can attribute a certain number of points to each bucket if you wish. Variation: Instead of using bean bags, you can use small bones (for dogs) to transform this activity into a skeleton toss.


Halloween Twister
(Open Twister-Halloween) Print and secure the large illustrations on the floor using adhesive paper to create a 4 ft x 4 ft playing surface. Arrange the cards in two piles, Halloween illustrations and body parts. The leader of the game picks one card from each pile and gives the other children instructions as in the traditional Twister game. For example, he/she might say, "Place one hand on the pumpkin." Variation for younger children: Simply use the illustrations to decorate your daycare or for a simple recognition activity (ask children to identify the witch). You may also secure them on the floor. Little ones will love crawling over to them to admire the pictures.


Skeleton heartDress-up dolls-Halloween paper dolls
(Open skeleton) Print and assemble the various parts. You can also laminate them for durable, eco-friendly use. Blindfold a child and invite him/her to try to stick the skeleton's heart as close to the correct spot as possible, just like in pin the tail on the donkey.


Pumpkin pass
Have children sit in a circle and pass a tiny pumpkin around the circle, but without using their hands. They can use their neck or chin. If a child drops the pumpkin, he/she must sit in the centre of the circle.



Crazy pumpkins

Sit in a circle with your group. Play fast-paced music. Children pass a miniature pumpkin around the circle to the sound of the music. When the music stops, the child holding the pumpkin must answer a Halloween-related question. If he knows the correct answer, he remains in the circle. If he is unable to answer the question correctly, he must remove himself from the circle. He can clap to the beat to encourage his peers.



Use different types of plastic containers, cylindrical containers, or egg cartons to create maracas-style instruments. Pour dried pumpkin or squash seeds in the containers, seal them, and shake them to produce various rhythms.


NEW! Musical Halloween

(Open picture game-Halloween) Print and laminate the pictures. Use adhesive paper to stick them on your daycare floor. To the sound of music, children walk around the daycare. When the music stops, they must quickly find a picture to stand on. Variation: If you wish, you may remove a picture after each round to increase the level of difficulty. Children will eventually have to share pictures with their peers.


Play music and have children dance around the daycare. You play the role of a witch. When you touch a child with your magic wand, he/she becomes a statue. If you touch him/her again, he/she may resume dancing. The game lasts until the song ends.


Musical hatEduc-puzzles-Pumpkins
Place a hat and a variety of material (pieces of yarn, buttons, fabric, felt, etc.) on the table. Let children decorate the hat as they please. Use it to play musical hat.


Musical pumpkin
(Open colourful pumpkins) Print and arrange pumpkin illustrations on the floor. To the sound of music, invite children to walk around the daycare. When the music stops, children must step on a pumpkin. As the game progresses, remove pumpkins or give precise instructions. For example, ask children to step on a pumpkin of a certain color or to touch a pumpkin using a different body part.


Pumpkin sounds
You will need two paper plates. Have children paint the plates with orange poster paint. Let dry. (Open pumpkin face) Print and let children use the pieces to create a pumpkin face on the plates. Pour pumpkin seeds between the two plates and staple them together. Children will enjoy shaking their pumpkin maracas.


Witch gameHalloween menu 2022
Children dance to the sound of music. When the music stops, the leader of the game (the witch) transforms the children into different animals or Halloween creatures. Children then act out the suggested role.



NEW! Photo booth-Halloween 2023

(Open photo booth-Halloween 2023) Print the accessories. Cut them out and stick a drinking straw behind each one. At your local dollar store, purchase additional accessories such as witch hats, brooms, spiders, bats, etc. to complete your photo booth. Set up a special corner by hanging a piece of fabric, a large cardboard background, or a special Halloween décor. Let children choose the accessories they prefer and photograph them. Invite parents to have fun with your photo booth too. Print and display the pictures. They will represent great souvenirs.


Trick or treatingHunt and seek-Halloween
Ask children what they like most about Halloween and create an imaginary game with their response. Sit with a large bowl and pretend it is filled with candy. Children pretend they are trick or treating.


The mummy
Children form teams of two or three children. One child will be the mummy. When you give the signal, the other children wrap their mummy in toilet paper. Play music. The game ends when the song stops. The winning team is the team with the best-wrapped mummy.


Dress-up dolls-Halloween
(Open dress-up dolls-Halloween paper dolls) Print and laminate. Set the pieces on a table. Children will have fun dressing the paper doll in a variety of different ways.


Witch laugh
Game Bingo Halloween-New versionUse a tape recorder or computer to record children. Encourage them to laugh like a witch. Later in the day, have them listen to the recording. Watch their reaction closely. Repeat the activity and have children make ghost or cat sounds.


Witch hat
Fill a large container with witch hats (and other types of hats). Invite children to try on the various hats and look in the mirror. You may also take pictures of your group and display them on a wall.


Paint each child's face to represent a Halloween creature and encourage them to look at their reflection in a mirror. If you are feeling adventurous, let children apply makeup to your forehead or on your cheek. Little ones will really enjoy this activity.


My invented monster
(Open I can create my own monster) Print and laminate. Children will enjoy creating different monsters by mixing and matching the monster heads with the various monster bodies.


Pumpkin emotionsPuppets Halloween 2022-1
(Open pumpkin emotions) Print and laminate the pumpkins. Encourage children to name the different emotions.


Dressing up
Organize a special dress-up corner where children can try on a variety of different costumes. Be sure to include a large mirror, various clothing items, colourful necklaces, old Halloween costumes, makeup, etc. Once all the children are in costume, parade around your daycare or down the street. Don't forget to take plenty of pictures.


Haunted house
You will need a large cardboard box (from an appliance). Use a knife to cut out a door. Hang orange lights inside along with spider webs, skeletons, etc. Have children decorate the outside of your haunted house as part of an arts & crafts activity.


Magnetic Halloween gamePuppets Halloween 2022-2
Draw Halloween shapes on construction paper. Laminate them and cut them out. Glue them on magnetic paper. Let children stick the shapes on a cookie sheet to invent different stories and scenes.


Pumpkin exhibit
Invite each family to decorate a pumpkin together and leave it on display within your daycare. Number the masterpieces and have parents (or co-workers) vote for their favourite one.


Botanical garden
If you live not too far away, why not visit the Montreal Botanical Garden's pumpkin exhibit with your group? Encourage parents to join you.



Harvesting pumpkinsModeling dough activity placemats-Halloween 2022

Fill a large plastic container with dirt and add tiny decorative squashes. Children take turns collecting as many squashes as possible, for example for 30 seconds. The child who finds the most wins. Variation: If you cannot use dirt, you can do this activity with hay or rice.


Pumpkin hunt

(Open models-Pumpkins) Print and laminate several pumpkins. Draw a symbol, a letter, or a number on each pumpkin, making sure to repeat each one twice to create pairs. Hide one pumpkin from each pair in your yard and hang the other set on a fence. Children search for the pumpkins. Every time they find one, they must associate it to the matching pumpkin, on the fence. Variation: If you prefer, simply hide miniature pumpkins or squashes in your yard and have children search for them. Once children have found them all, invite them to paint or decorate the pumpkins or squashes.


Wheelbarrow raceModeling dough activity placemats-Halloween

Divide your group into pairs and create a simple obstacle course. One child from each team gets down on his hands and knees. His partner holds his feet in his hands. They must work together to reach the end of the obstacle course as quickly as possible.


Scarecrow and birds

One child plays the role of the scarecrow whereas the others pretend they are birds. The scarecrow must try to touch the birds to prevent them from eating the seeds that have been planted in the garden. Every time a child is touched, he becomes a scarecrow too. The game continues until there are no more birds.


Plowing the fields

Use rope to tie a cardboard box behind each of your tricycles. Deposit balls throughout your yard to represent pumpkins and squashes. Children pedal from one ball to the next and set them in their box.


Furrow hoppingMasks-Halloween-1

Draw lines in your sandbox to represent furrows. Children must jump over them. Variation: If you prefer, draw furrows on asphalt using sidewalk chalk or set jumping ropes on the grass to represent furrows if your sandbox isn’t big enough.


Pumpkin somersaults
Tell children they are pumpkins and have them perform somersaults or roll sideways down a small hill in your yard.


It's raining candy!
(Open game-candy) Print and cut out enough candy to ensure each child has at least ten. Place all the candy in the centre of a large parachute or blanket. Children hold on to the edges of the parachute or blanket. On the count of three, raise the parachute. When the candy falls to the ground, children try to collect as many candy pieces as possible. Count how many each child has.


Halloween jumpMasks-Halloween-2
(Open models-Halloween) Trace, cut out, and glue Halloween shapes on the floor. Children hop on the shapes to move around the daycare.


It's raining creatures!
(Open models-creatures) Print and cut out enough creatures to ensure each child has at least ten. Place all the creatures in the centre of a large parachute or blanket. Children hold on to the edges of the parachute or blanket. On the count of three, raise the parachute. When the creatures fall to the ground, children try to collect as many as possible. Count how many each child has.


Pumpkin walk
(Open colourful pumpkins) Print, laminate, and cut out the pumpkin illustrations. Arrange them on the ground to create a path in your yard (or in your daycare). To the sound of music, children walk from one pumpkin to the next. When the music stops, name a color. The child (or the children) who are standing on a pumpkin of the corresponding color can pick a Halloween surprise out of a box. Make sure each child gets a surprise.


Monster bowlingPennants-Halloween-1
(Open models-monsters) Print several models. Have children color them. Cut them out and glue them on empty soft drink bottles. Arrange them in a triangular shape, like bowling pins. Use a pumpkin as a bowling ball and have children roll it towards the soft drink bottles to make them fall down.


Quick and easy piñata
Fill an orange garbage bag with leaves and hang it from a tree in your yard. Let children bang on it with a stick until it breaks open and the leaves fall out.


Haunted house
Build a haunted house using chairs and sheets. Create a path through the house with various surprises along the way. For example, you may have children walk through spider webs, plunge their hands in jelly, crawl on the floor, etc. Play Halloween music in the background. Remember to keep this activity fun to avoid scaring younger children.




NEW! Magnetic Halloween stickersPennants-Halloween-2

(Open stickers-Halloween 2023) Print, color, and laminate the models. Glue them on magnetic paper and cut them out. Set the magnetic stickers on a table with a metal cookie sheet. They will have fun pressing the stickers on the metal surface.


Pumpkin carving

Cut one or two pumpkins open to show children what they look like on the inside. Name the different parts of a pumpkin and encourage children to repeat them.



(Open Educ-puzzles-Pumpkins) Print, laminate, and cut each page into three pieces. Spread the pieces out on a table. Children must assemble the pumpkins.


Halloween story and memory game
(Open Halloween memory game) Print, cut out, and laminate the pictures. Place the cards face down on the floor. Children pick three cards and invent a story in relation to the illustrations.  Variation: Print the pictures twice and use as a memory game.


Homemade puzzlePennants-Halloween
Collect Halloween pictures (greeting cards, magazines, gift bags, etc.). Cut them into two or three pieces using decorative scissors. Give a child one piece and have him search for the others. Each child recreates his own puzzle.


Giant Halloween tic-tac-toe
Trace a tic-tac-toe grid onto a large piece of cardboard. (Open game-Halloween tic-tac-toe) Use the witch brooms as "X's" and the pumpkins as "O's". One by one, children deposit a symbol on the grid. The first child to line up th

ree identical symbols wins.


Halloween hunt and seek
(Open hunt and seek-Halloween) Print and laminate. Children pick cards and must find the elements in the scene.


Halloween bingo
Play bingo with your group. (Open game-bingo-Halloween) Print, laminate, and store in a small box or "Ziploc" bag.


Halloween snakes and laddersActivity sheets-Halloween booklet-1
(Open game-Halloween snakes and ladders) Print and laminate. Use a dice and wrapped candy as playing pieces. The object of the game is for all children to reach the pumpkin at the end of the game. When they succeed, they may eat their candy.


I saw a bat
Show children a bat then hide it while they cover their eyes. When you give them the signal, children search for the bat. Tell them, one by one, whether they are "hot" or "cold". When a child spots the bat, he quietly returns to sit in the circle. Continue the game with the remaining children. Children who have rejoined the circle can help you tell the others if they are "hot" or "cold".


Pumpkin orange
Children sit in a circle. They must look around them and, taking turns, name an object within the daycare that is orange.


Sequential storyActivity sheets-Halloween booklet-2
(Open sequential story-Pumpkin) Print and laminate the sequential story. Have children manipulate the illustrations and place them in the correct order.

Magnetic Halloween memory game
(Open game-Halloween memory game) Print two copies and cut out the illustrations. Glue them on the tops of empty frozen juice cans. Attach a magnet to the end of a fishing rod (or to the end of a stick with string tied to it). Place the illustrations face down on the floor. Children pick two. If they are identical, they may keep them and play again. If they are different, they must wait for their next turn.


Spider web game
(Open game-spider web) Print and laminate. Children associate the spiders to the web according to their size.


Haunted house game
(Open game-haunted house) Print and laminate. Children associate the Halloween shapes to the picture.Educ-colors-Halloween


(Open educ-colors-Halloween) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. If you prefer, print one copy for each child. Children must associate the items to the correct color by drawing a line using a crayon of the corresponding color (or another crayon).


(Open educa-symmetry-Halloween) Print. Children must color the bottom picture (black & white) to make it identical to the top picture (in color).


(Open educ-pairs-Halloween) Print. Children must draw a line between identical illustrations or color them using the same color. For durable, eco-friendly use, laminate for use with dry-erase markers.


Sudoku-HalloweenEduca-symmetry-Halloween-In the dark
(Open Sudoku-Halloween) Print the Sudoku grid and the illustrations. Cut the cards and laminate them for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must arrange the cards on the grid according to traditional Sudoku rules. There cannot be two identical illustrations on the same vertical or horizontal row.


(Open educ-intruder-Halloween) Print and laminate. Children must find the 6 intruders in the scene.


Color by number-Halloween
(Open color by number-Halloween) Print for each child. Children must color the picture using the color code.


(Open educa-duo-Halloween) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must draw a line between items that form a duo using a dry-erase marker.


(Open educ-trace-Halloween) Print for each child. Children must trace the dotted lines using the correct color and then color each object using the corresponding color.


(Open educ-differences-Halloween) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must circle the differences using a dry-erase marker.


(Open educ-shadows-Halloween) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must connect each object to its shadow by drawing a line using a dry-erase marker.


Educ-big and small-Halloween
(Open educ-big and small-Halloween) Print and laminate. Children must place the illustrations in the correct order, from smallest to biggest.


(Open educ-pattern-Halloween) Print and laminate. Children must complete the patterns by sticking the correct cards in the squares using Velcro or adhesive putty.


(Open educ-math-Halloween) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must count the objects in each rectangle and circle the correct number.


Educ-same and different-Halloween
(Open educ-same and different-Halloween) Print and laminate for durable, eco-friendly use. Children must circle the item that is different in each row.


Halloween puzzles
(Open puzzles-Halloween) Print, laminate, and cut out the pieces. Children must arrange the pieces to recreate the scenes.


(Open dominos-Halloween) Print, glue the illustrations on heavy cardboard, and laminate. This game is for 2 to 4 players. Each child picks 5 cards. Arrange the remaining cards in a stack. Place one card in the centre of the table. The first player tries to match an illustration on one of his cards to an illustration on the table. The second player does the same and so on. If a player does not have a matching illustration, he/she must pick a card. If this card cannot be played either, his/her turn is over. The game ends when a child plays his/her last card.


Magnifying glass game-Halloween
(Open magnifying glass game-Halloween) Print and laminate the board game and the cards. Cut them out and store them in a Ziploc bag or box. Children pick a card and use a magnifying glass to locate the matching illustration on the board game. When they find a match, they deposit the card in the corresponding square, on the board game.


Educ-association-HalloweenScrapbook-Halloween 2023
(Open educ-association-Halloween) Print and laminate. Arrange the pages in a file folder. Children must associate the illustrations. When they find a match, they can stick it on top of the corresponding illustration using Velcro or adhesive putty.


Pumpkin count
(Open game-Pumpkin count) Print and laminate. Arrange the large numbered pumpkins on a table and deposit the tiny pumpkins around them. Encourage children to deposit the correct number of tiny pumpkins on each large pumpkin.


(Open game-Holidays) Print and laminate. Using Velcro, children must associate the cards to the correct holiday or celebration.



Witch's brewScrapbook Halloween 2022
Place a large pot filled with dark juice (fruit punch or grape juice) in the centre of the table. Suggest various ingredients. One at a time, children choose which ingredient they would like to add to the brew (example: cooked pasta, pudding, Jell-O, flour, modeling dough, dried raisins, etc.). Next, add water and a spoon. Have them stir their witch's brew throughout the day.


Halloween stimulation bottles
You will need different sizes of clear plastic bottles. Fill them with tiny erasers, confetti, candy, and other small Halloween items.


Rolling pumpkins
Purchase pumpkins in several different sizes. Show children how they can be rolled since they have a round shape. Let children manipulate the pumpkins. If you wish, you can also purchase different types of squash. Compare them with the pumpkins.


Halloween sensory bins
Scrapbook-Halloween 2021Here are three suggestions: Hide tiny Halloween objects (erasers, plastic spiders, miniature pumpkins, etc.) in your rice or pasta bin. Cut black and orange garbage bags into strips and use them to fill a large container. Hide tiny plastic insects or Halloween surprises among the plastic strips. Shred pieces of orange and black paper and use the shredded paper to fill a large container. Hide a variety of items related to the theme in the container.


I am the heaviest
Purchase several small pumpkins and decorative squash in different sizes. Set a scale on a table and let children weigh the pumpkins and the squash to see which one is the heaviest.


Pumpkin insides
Carve a pumpkin with your group and let children explore its insides. They will enjoy touching the seeds and various textures. Cut different types of squash too. This will make it possible for children to make comparisons. Spaghetti squash are particularly interesting for children.


Witch handsEduc-poster-Nuts
With your group, fill latex gloves with water, food coloring, and tiny Halloween objects. Seal the gloves and set them in the freezer for approximately 48 hours. Have children tear the gloves and remove them to reveal unique witch hands. Deposit them in your water table. Children will like to manipulate and observe them as they melt away.


Magical bags
Fill several plastic (Ziploc) bags with different items (shaving cream and orange food coloring, Jell-O, hair gel, etc.). Let children manipulate the bags.



Pumpkin seeds

When you carve pumpkins with your group, keep the seeds. Clean the seeds and use a paper towel to dry them. Spread the seeds out on a baking sheet. Drizzle olive oil over the seeds and sprinkle them with salt. Bake them in the oven until they are nicely roasted. Enjoy them as a snack.


Pumpkin-themed muffinsCreative recipe-Pumpkin modeling dough-no baking

Prepare muffins with your group. Set them aside until they are cool. Provide orange icing that children can spread on their muffin to make it look like a pumpkin. Once this step is completed, they can use chocolate chips to represent their pumpkin’s eyes and nose. They will love eating their jack-o’-lantern for dessert.


(Open educ-poster-Nuts) Print and display the posters in your kitchen area or near the table where children eat to present an everyday food item to your group.


Recipe book
(Open recipe book-Halloween) Print. Enjoy preparing these recipes with your group.

Pumpkin modeling dough
(Open creative recipe-Pumpkin modeling dough-no baking) Print.

Pumpkin modeling dough (no baking required)



  • 1 cup of flour
  • ½ cup of salt
  • 2 teaspoons of cream of tartar
  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil
  • 1 package of seasoned pumpkin pie filling


Steps: Mix all ingredients together. Knead the dough until it is homogeneous (you may have to add a small amount of water or flour if the dough is too dry or too sticky). Use the dough like store-bought modeling dough.


Pumpkin modeling doughCreative recipe-Pumpkin modeling dough baking
(Open creative recipe-Pumpkin modeling dough-baking) Print.


You will need:

  • 5 ½ cups of flour
  • 2 cups of salt
  • 8 teaspoons of cream of tartar
  • ¾ cup of oil
  • 1 can of seasoned pumpkin filling
  • Orange food coloring (1 part red for 2 parts yellow)
  • 4 cups of water


Steps: Mix all ingredients together. Cook over medium-low heat until dough forms. When dough forms a ball, remove from heat. Knead dough with a small quantity of flour (like pie dough). You may have to add a small amount of flour if the dough is too sticky. Wear rubber gloves to knead the dough since it will be hot. Like most types of modeling dough, this dough cannot be eaten. Giant cheese pumpkin Sprinkle orange cheddar cheese over a large tortilla. Add two black olives for the eyes and a slice of red pepper for the mouth. Microwave on HIGH until cheese is melted and enjoy!


Witch surprise bags
Fill clear plastic gloves with candy. Thread a plastic spider on orange or black yarn and use it to seal the gloves and create original candy bags.


Fun Jell-O
Prepare green or orange Jell-O. Pour the mixture in clear bowls and refrigerate. When the Jell-O is almost set, add jelly worms or spiders. Children will love their Halloween-themed snack.


Creative recipe-Monster PunchCreative-recipe-Monster-punch
(Open creative recipe-Monster Punch) Print.



  • 6 cups of cold water
  • ½ litre of grape juice
  • 1 box of frozen concentrated lemonade
  • 1 box of frozen concentrated orange juice
  • 2 plastic gloves
  • Jelly spiders or worms
  • Green food coloring



Combine water, grape juice, lemonade, and orange juice in a large bowl and refrigerate. Wash the gloves and fill them with water. Add a few drops of green food coloring. Make a knot in the gloves and deposit them in the freezer to create two ice hands. Place the ice hands in a punch bowl just prior to serving the punch. Add a few jelly spiders or worms to the sides of the punch bowl or glasses to decorate. Serve as part of your group's afternoon snack.


ARTS & CRAFTSMobile-Halloween-1



With your group, create a scarecrow that you can set near your daycare entrance. Stuff old clothing items with newspaper. Knot the extremities. For your scarecrow’s face, use an old ball. Encourage children to be extra creative.


Seed group project

Collect several types of seeds and bulbs. Invite children to trace them on a large piece of paper using crayons. Let them glue the seeds and bulbs inside the corresponding shapes to create a three-dimensional mural. They can even use glitter and paint to decorate the seeds and bulbs.


Crumpled pumpkins

(Open models-Pumpkins) Print for each child. Have children tear and crumple orange tissue paper. They can use the crumpled pieces of tissue paper to fill the pumpkin model they prefer.


Pumpkin manMobile-Halloween-2

(Open pumpkin man) Print. Invite children to color and cut out the pumpkins. The large pumpkin will become your pumpkin man’s head and body. Fold four strips of orange paper accordion-style to represent his arms and legs. Glue the medium-sized pumpkins to the end of the folded strips of paper to represent hands and feet.



(Open mobile-Halloween) Print. Trace the broom on cardboard and cut it out. Next, cut out the other items and glue them on pieces of string that you have cut (different lengths). Hang the shapes from the broom. Insert three other pieces of string in the holes in the broom so you can hang your mobile from the ceiling.



(Open craft-Ghost) Print for each child. Have children fill the ghost shape with white glue and press cotton balls all over. When they are done, have them glue eyes and a mouth on the cotton balls.


NEW! My Halloween hatHalloween cards-Color-2023-1

(Open educa-decorate-Halloween 2023) Print and cut out the items. Have children glue them on a strip of paper. When they are done, glue both ends together so they can wear their hat.


(Open puppets-Halloween) Print the models on heavy cardboard. Have children cut them out and decorate them with various materials. Glue a Popsicle stick behind each character.


NEW! Craft ideas-halloween cards 2023
Here are a Halloween card models that you can print. If you choose to use the black and white models (Open Halloween cards-Black and white 2023), let children color and fold their card. We have also prepared color versions. If you choose to use these cards, simply print them and let children choose the card they prefer. (Open Halloween cards-Color 2023)


NEW! Models-Halloween
(Open models-ghost) Print the models. Use them as needed for your activities and creations throughout the theme.


Halloween mandalasHalloween cards-Color-2023-2
(Open mandalas-Halloween) Print for each child. Children must color the mandalas using Halloween colors (orange, black, purple, etc.).


Halloween stencils
(Open stencils-Halloween) Print and cut out the stencils. Children can use them to trace or paint items related to the theme.



(Open Halloween coloring book 2023) Print.


Creative coloring
(Open creative coloring-Halloween) (Open creative coloring-Halloween2) Print.


I am learning to draw-A ghost
(Open I am learning to draw-A ghost) Print and laminate the model. Invite children to practice their drawing technique on the model sheet. When they are ready, they can try to draw a ghost on their own.


I am learning to draw-A pumpkinModels-ghost

(Open I am learning to draw-A pumpkin) Print and laminate the model. Invite children to practice their drawing technique on the model sheet. When they are ready, they can try to draw a pumpkin on their own.


Complete the drawing-Halloween
(Open complete the drawing-Halloween) Print for each child. Children must complete the drawing as they see fit.


NEW! Scrapbook 2023

(Open scrapbook-Halloween 2023) Print this page for each child’s scrapbook. If you don’t already have scrapbooks for the children in your group, visit the scrapbook section of the educatall club.



The itsy bitsy spider

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spoutHalloween coloring book-2023
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain


So the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again

This old witch by: Patricia Morrison sung to: This old man

This old witch, on her broomShe went trick or treat on my street
Trick or treat, Halloween
Give her candy please
This old witch went flying home


Trick or treat by: Patricia Morrison sung to: Jingle bells

Walking through the streets
On this dark Halloween night
Dressed up as a clown
Laughing all the way
Lights at every door
Making spirits bright
What fun it is on Halloween
Go trick or treat tonight

Oh, trick or treat, trick or treat
Trick or treat all the way
Oh what fun it is to fill
Our pumpkins with candy
Oh, trick or treat, trick or treat
Trick or treat all the way
Oh what fun it is to fill
Our pumpkins with candy


Have fun!

The Educatall team


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