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Black, orange, and yellow

Activities for toddlers and babies


This theme will make it possible to explore colors that are associated with Halloween with young children.




Colourful balloons
To decorate your daycare and greet children, purchase black, orange, and yellow helium balloons. You can stick Halloween-related stickers on them if you wish. Tie a long ribbon to each balloon so that children can catch them. With constant supervision, let babies and toddlers manipulate the balloons as they move up and down. Watch children closely to avoid the ribbons wrapping around their neck. Discard any popped balloons promptly. At the end of the activity, simply tuck the ribbons out of children's reach.




Miniature squash
Deposit a wide variety of miniature squash on the floor. Let children manipulate them. Choose squash with different textures and colors that will be interesting for little ones to explore. Try to find black, orange, and yellow squash for this theme.

SENSORY ACTIVITIES (touch and look)


Colourful paper
Let babies and toddlers explore Halloween-related colors by letting them discover different types of paper. Fill a large container with pieces of black, orange, and yellow paper, cardboard, tissue paper, and corrugated cardboard. Let children crumple and tear the paper. Variation: When children begin to lose interest in this activity, add pumpkin-shaped containers or large Halloween gift bags. Encourage children to fill and empty them with the different types of paper.




Bake cupcakes or muffins. Spread icing on each one. Deposit black, orange, and yellow candy pieces on children's high chair tray or on the table. Let them explore the candy pieces and use them to decorate their cupcake or muffin. Let them enjoy their cupcake or muffin when they are done.



Yellow moons and stars
To represent Halloween night, cut moon and star shapes out of white cardboard. Let babies and toddlers draw on the shapes using black, orange, and yellow markers or, if you prefer, have them paint them with yellow paint. Older toddlers will enjoy sprinkling yellow glitter on the painted stars and moons. Display the shapes on a wall.


Colourful pumpkins
Encourage toddlers to paint miniature pumpkins with yellow paint. Invite them to press black and orange feathers, crumpled pieces of tissue paper, and glitter on their pumpkin before the paint dries.




Black hats
Purchase several black witch hats and set them on the floor, next to a large mirror. Let children explore the witch hats. Invite them to deposit the hats on their head and admire their reflection in the mirror. Photograph the children in your group individually and together. Display the pictures next to the mirror or in your role play area.




Colourful noses
To introduce babies and toddlers to the theme's colors (black, orange, and yellow), use makeup pencils to paint the tip of each child's nose. A simple dot is all you need. Have children sit in front of a large mirror and name the colors. Note: Black crayon markings can be more difficult to remove. Variation: If you prefer, you may choose to draw a simple shape on each child's hand using a black, orange, or yellow makeup pencil.



Halloween color dance
Cut small pieces of black, orange, and yellow party streamers. If you wish, you can stick Halloween stickers on each piece. Encourage toddlers to move the streamers to the sound of music. If you prefer, you may also use lightweight scarves.




Witch picture book
Purchase a black plastic cauldron at the dollar store (or use a plastic pumpkin). Deposit laminated Halloween-related pictures and illustrations inside. Include as many black, orange, and yellow items as possible. Name the items and identify the color of each one with your group.

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