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7 ways to play with food

The goal of these activities is to explore the sensory characteristics of food.

  1. Deposit a variety of food items (examples: dry cereal, fruit, flour, coffee, lettuce, bread, oats, oil, spices, etc.) in a bowl filled with water to see them sink or float. Stir.

  2. Mix ingredients together to create new colors (yogurt and ketchup, mustard, chocolate or strawberry syrup, jam).

  3. Use soft and colourful food items to paint on construction paper (examples: jam, peanut butter, mustard, chocolate or strawberry syrup, etc.). Children can use paintbrushes or their fingers. Sprinkle sugar over their "paintings" to add texture.

  4. Use a potato masher to mash food items and observe their texture (examples: crackers, tomatoes, bread, cheese, bananas, strawberries, rice cakes, etc.).

  5. Tear or cut food items (examples: deli cold cuts, cooked pasta, cheese, lettuce, licorice, fruit leather, etc.) to observe their transformation.

  6. Break food items into pieces (examples: uncooked pasta, eggs, cinnamon sticks, chocolate, chips, etc.) to explore different sounds.

  7. Tap or blow on different types of food items (examples: cucumbers versus chips) to create music.

Have fun!



Josiane Caron Santha

Occupational therapist


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