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Reading with friends, a form of sharing

This week, I would like to suggest a discreet yet efficient way to attract children to your reading corner or books.


The more we show an interest in what children are reading, the more they will want to read. Try this simple exercise within your group. When you notice a child is looking at a book, invite him/her to share his/her discoveries with one or two friends. Encourage the child to discuss the illustrations and pictures, the characters, why he/she is interested in the book, etc.


This exercise will stimulate children and most likely even lead them to select book after book they can explore together. This will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Determine if a child uses words or gestures to communicate.
  • Evaluate a child's openness and willingness to share his/her reading experience.
  • See if this approach makes a child want to discover and explore books.
  • Understand which type of books a child enjoys.
  • Measure the repercussions reading and sharing can have on your group.
  • etc.

You can also ask children if you can join them when they are looking at a book. Of course, always respect children who prefer to read only with their friends, they may prefer a "kids only" reading experience.

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