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Book suggestion theme: I am growing up

"Tell me what it's like to be big" is an adorable story about a little bunny whose bigger bunny sister tells her about all the things she will be able to do when she is her age. From taking a shower to turning the lamp on, the small bunny seems very intrigued. However, when she realizes that she may not have toys anymore she does get somewhat worried. What better reason could a bunny need to stay small enough to cuddle up in Mom's bed?


To me, the message of this book is that getting bigger means being able to do more things but that being small definitely has its highlights too... so what's the rush?


Title: Tell me what it's like to be big
Authors: Joyce Dunbar and Debi Gliori
ISBN: 0-15-202564-2


I had "Love you forever" in my library for quite some time now but thought it was too mature for my daycare children. I finally gave it a try last week and almost cried (literally)! It is the story of a baby boy whom we follow from childhood, to the teenager years, to adulthood, and then parenthood. The constant in this story is his mother and a very special song.


Basically, this book shows children that no matter how big they get, their mother will always love them just as when they were her little baby.


I can see my daughter's eyes sparkle at the words of the song sung over and over again throughout the book as I write this. As most 3 year olds, she is torn between wanting to be big and remaining my "baby girl". I think after reading this story, she knows she just might be able to do both.


Title: Love You Forever
Author: Robert Munsch

ISBN: 0-920668-37-2


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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