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Book suggestion theme: Easter

For children, Easter represents colourful eggs, spring, flowers, and of course, the Easter bunny! My favourite Easter book is, "Hippity Skippity Easter". Its rhyming text makes it a "bouncy", happy-tone reading perfect for setting the mood for Easter celebrations.


The Easter Bunny has an extensive list of forest friends such as Chipmunk, Bee, Toad, Ladybug, Mouse, and Owl. They each have cozy little homes, even Turtle! Sadly, Easter Bunny trips over Turtle's shell and as a result, the Easter eggs he was planning on delivering are broken.


The forest friends work together and they end up making one very big, very special delivery to Easter Bunny!


This is the kind of story you will want to read over and over again. Point to the animals and children will name them for you as you go along. It may inspire your group to make their own very big, very special Easter surprise. After all, working together is such fun!


Title: Hippity Skippity Easter
Author: Maria Fleming

ISBN: 0-439-56417-4


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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