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Book suggestion theme: Time

"Good Night Sun, Hello Moon" is an absolutely perfect book before naptime or bedtime. It is the story of a little bunny who, as many children, is very clever in delaying his bedtime. The book begins with a large sun. Page by page, the sun sets and a sleepy moon slowly replaces it, like magic.


The bunny's parents provide beautiful explanations to adorable questions. From the sun saying goodbye to us with beautiful colors to it going away to let us know it's time to sleep, this story inspires calm.


Children will love helping the bunny look for shapes in the clouds and count to twenty and above in the end, unless that is, like the bunny, they are too tired to count the stars in the sky...

Title: Good Night Sun, Hello Moon
Author: Karen Viola

ISBN: 0-7944-0356-5


Patricia-Ann Morrison
Childhood Educator



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